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    "I know they have a young team and an exciting team" Harrison said of the Texans. "I know they have a nice new stadium. I got to see it. I played in the All-Star Game right after my senior year in high school and we got to tour the facility a little bit. So besides that, I am pretty much an open book, just ready to get out there and check everything out."

    Harrison played most of his Cardinal career at strong safety, but he also played free safety and cornerback. He was drafted by the Texans as a safety.

    "Absolutely I'm comfortable playing free safety," he said. "A lot of what we did, honestly, in my time at Stanford, we almost just played left and right. So depending on the situation and the call we were pretty much interchangeable at free and strong. And I think, from what I can tell I think they might be looking for somebody to step in and help out free safety, so if that is what I need to do, then I can do that as well."

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