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    Sound familiar? The old codger is up to his ways again.


    This is not an easy time for Titans owner Bud Adams. He is trying to sign his head coach, Jeff Fisher, to a multi-million dollar contract that is considerably more than the $250,000 that he had to pay Fisher for the same job when he first hired him in January 1995.

    Jeff Fisher has been with the Oilers/Titans since 1994, but might have to contemplate moving on.
    Other owners such as Jones or New England's Bob Kraft might be more progressive in their thinking and more aggressive in their offers. But Adams is one of the league's old-school owners and is unaccustomed to paying top dollars for top coaching talent.

    Some around the league expect these contract discussions to stall. They say it'll be a surprise if the Titans and Fisher can wrap up the discussions they've already been having on a contract extension.

    But soon enough, Adams will have a big decision to make. Either he must pay Fisher top dollar, making him one of the league's highest-paid head coaches, or he must watch Fisher leave Tennessee after this season.

    It's Adams' choice. Other teams are watching.

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