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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by Rey, Oct 15, 2011.

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    I think this would be a great draft to trade down in considering where I hope we'll be picking...

    I would trade out of the first completely. I would look to trade our 1 for a 2, 4and 6th.

    2) Robert Griffin, QB 6'2" Baylor, 220 lbs -- 4.5 forty, Athletic guy that can throw the foosball. I am becoming less of a Schaub fan. I think the guy has talent, but he has too many moments where he plays below expectations. Griffing can sit behind schaub and learn for a few years. It may even push shammy to perform better.

    But Griffin in this offense would be something special. Pretty easy throws, bootlegs and rollouts so his feet can be a weapon, big receivers that can go up and get balls. This offense is screaming for a QB that can make the defense respect their feet.

    2) Jeff Fuller, WR T A&M, 6'3" 220 lbs -- 4.5 forty, Good hands, big target. Should come in and immediately help this receiving corps.

    3) Kendall Wright, WR Baylor 5'10" 190 lbs -- 4.4 forty, Yes I'm taking two WR's and going offense with my first three picks and ALL three are from Texas schools. It's about time we spent some resources on the offense. Wright is a fast guy with good hands that already has chemistry with the QB. Another guy that should come in and immediately challenge for playing time. Jacoby fights with UDFA's, Derrick Mason and Lestar Jean to make the team. With Wright and Fuller this team should be set at the WR for a while.

    4) Brandon Boykin, CB Georgia 5'10" 183 lbs -- 4.4 forty, Fast guy, not afraid to tackle. Good coverage. The corners need an infusion of talent and this guy fits the bell. Plays at a big program so he has faced some good talent. Reminds me a little of JJo.

    4) Isiah Pead, RB Cincy 5'10" 200 lbs -- 4.4 forty, Powerful one cut runner with sub 4.4 speed that excels at pass blocking and blitz pick-up....Need I say more?

    Ward is getting up there and Tate is probably the #2 from here out if both are healthy. Pead could come in and be a change of pace type and possible return man.

    5) Dontari Poe, DT Memphis 6'5" 350 lbs -- 5.3 forty, The middle of this line needs an infusion of talent and Poe brings just that. Not just a fat guy, he's a football player. He would be a situational and rotation player, but he would make it very hard for teams to run on us.

    6) George Iloka, FS Boise 6'3" 213 -- 4.5 forty, Kempner highschool product. Tall safety that can run and cover. Should replace Dom Barber. I have no idea what Keo is going to do...He has looked pretty awful from everything I've seen of him...Really, I wasn't even a Keo fan when he was in college. I think this guy can come in and challenge Nolan for playing time at the least.

    7) Blake Dechristopher OT, Virginia Tech 6'4" 312 -- 5.1 forty, It's just not a draft if you're not picking an offensive lineman. Plus he fits our scheme.

    * I didn't use the extra 6th I picked up in my trade back scenario because I don't know what Mason will cost.

    I'm not a mock draft guy and I don't know all the prospects out there so I kind of go off of positions of need/measureables. I don't claim to be a draft guru, but like the title says I was bored at work and threw one together. It's fun to think about how each of these guys would fit in on our team. I will use this as a spring board to get more familar with the prospects and keep a fluid draft board.
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    not very realistic.

    RG3 if he comes out? is top 10 material

    Wright is probably better than Fuller

    Boykinis intriguing but then so is Roc Carmichael so I say push

    You may have a sleeper in Isiah Pead, but without addressing the OL how is he supposed to survive?

    Poe in the 5th? Thought he was a solid 3rd rd DT/NT.

    Boise does manufacture good safeties

    Mason is our 7th

    I sense your pain but lets talk :shades:
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    I love your dream but that is what it is. Read Beerlovers post 2-3 times.

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