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    Who do you think will be those prospects that are high risk high reward players that could ultimately be a perrinial pro-bowler or become a huge bust...

    Also put down if you think the Texans will take a look at this player in the upcoming draft...

    A few prospects I have down right now are:

    Terrance Cody-DT(Alabama)
    This guy is just a huge monster of a player, but DT is one of the toughest positions to adjust to in the NFL. Most prospects depend on their size and strength to overpower weak and inferior college opponents. He has had very few sacks as well, so he is only one-dimensional. Also, Cody has had a weight problem. He is listed at 350+ which will limit his playing time due to poor conditioning. if somebody can light a fire under this guy, watch out!! He has a Kris Jenkins type of body and will be a dominant player with the right coaching and proper work ethic.
    (Texans may take a look depending on if Bush wants a NT to groom and stop the run...imo we have locked down the run and need to focus on the pass)

    CJ Spiller-RB/KR/PR(Clemson)
    Simply electrifying. Would be absolutely perfect for a 2 back system and is a threat to take it to the house every play. Many fault his body type and the fact that he won't be able to take a beating in the NFL. Two examples of this type of player would be Percy Harvin and Reggie Bush. So far, Harvin has been dependable for a clutch reception or a big special teams play. On the other hand, Bush was overhyped by his potential and measurables and hasn't lived up to it. The difference is their mindset and vision. Harvin is a tough nut that takes a beating, gets injured, but still continues to go down the middle. Bush goes down the middle, but after being roughed up and breaking his nail decides to bounce to the outside. He then becomes predictable and defenses can key in on him. Spillers speed is extraordinary, but does he have the mindset to succeed???
    (IMO this type of gamebreaking talent will be too much to pass up for a playoff team, but unfortunately we already have our lightning in slaton and moats and we aren't exactly a playoff team. The texans cannot spend a first on tis type of prospect when we can find a bruiser later. So common sense says Spiller will not be a Texan next year, but one can hope :)

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