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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by douceyve, Oct 15, 2004.

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    Hi there,

    What can be expected of Miller down the stretch? It seems to me he's been having limited success in a potent passing offense...


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    His production is decresing because he is no longer Carr's safety valve. That would now be Domanick Davis.
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    Miller is deffinately not getting the ball thrown his way enough , part of that has to do with less playing time now that Mark Bruener is in the fold . Part of it is the play calling .
    The TE going across the middle is normally covered by an LB or Safety .... not many LB's can run w/ Miller and Safeties arent big enough to cover him effectively in single coverage . Use of the TE running the post or a crossing route will give the Safety something other than A.J. to consider in coverage packages , also helps in Play Action, which is pretty much Non-existant in the Texans scheme . With a TE like Miller and a WR like A.J. play action should be a staple on the Texan's offense . Either DC isnt very adept in hiding the ball or Palmer just doesnt have a clue . Those are the only reasons i can figure we dont see P/A.
    For every target DC has thats one more thing for the opposing defense to worry about ..... Less double coverage . Less Safety playing over the top .
    More opportunity for big plays , simple as that .
    The Texans have weapons on offense , they just need to utilize them all , not just try to get a specific match-up and attempt to exploit it (this isnt basketball and Rudy T is now coaching in L.A.).


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