Bill Bryne (Aggie AD) Voicemail

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by ArlingtonTexan, Jun 17, 2010.

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    Finally got around to hearing the voice mail
    worse than I expected but I don't blame him for being upset
    he did a great job for his university and for football in the state of Texas
    he helped keep traditions intact while positioning A&M in a good spot

    A&M can thrive in this setup on a Top10 level
    just play good in conference and beat either Texas or Oklahoma and you have an outside chance at an atlarge BCS bid
    beat both and even with a fluke loss to lesser team and you got a shot at the big one. This conference is really no easier on paper but the lack of championship game makes it easier to get to nationalchampionship game

    if the sec wanted the Texas market they needed to give the Aggies an offer they couldn't refuse
    A&M went with the better deal. SEC needed to do more for A&M considering what they were bringing to the table. I think the problem was that the SEC already gets good ratings in the Texas markets. Maybe that made them feel less aggressive. A&M would have been a huge get fir the SeC
    the sec would have been a noble idea but I think it had Fail written all over it
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    by the construction
    I think the SEC is perfectly happy with the status quo. They were going to take A&M if either UT or OU came, or if the others went to the Pac 16. They aren't going to start the mega conference, they will just make the biggest one. They are the UT of college football conferences.

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