Biggest personnel needs to address in the offseason?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by TheRealJoker, Dec 5, 2010.

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    Lets save another thread for whether or not we think we need coaching changes. This thread is for deciding where we are weakest from a personnel standpoint.

    Obviously, the biggest need would be in the secondary, imo we NEED a ballhawk at FS for the first time in franchise history. Someone that can play centerfield and make our CBs look a lot better than what people think.

    The rub in that is the most likely way to get the ballhawk would be through the draft, further complicating the issue that we have too much youth in the backend.

    Offensively, I believe we need to address the WR position in the offseason. What I thought was the biggest strength on the team coming into this season has been probably the biggest disappointment with Jacoby's regression as a WR and Kevin Walter not consistently putting up the numbers you would expect from a # 2. AJ is amazing, whether or not he's only playing on one leg but I would like to see a legitimate threat at WR opposite him. We get by just fine spreading the ball to Foster and the backup TEs but if we had a threat at # 2 WR our offense might be a bit more consistent.
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    I disagree that the secondary is our biggest need. I think Troy Nolan deserves another shot, and I think Quin and Jackson could both be good if they had decent coaches. I would draft a CB high though so McCain can get bumped out of the Nickel and hopefully one of the three, Quin/Jackson/rookie would really become a true #1 CB.

    I say DT is our biggest need on defense. We need 2 new ones and badly. We also need a WOLB that can cover, as much as I like Diles. Maybe Sharpton is that guy.

    We need WRs. Again, I don't trust our coaches and think Dorin Dickerson might be part of the solution to this. We need a freaking KR and a P, too.

    We have barely given Nolan or Dickerson a shot, so I can't just say automatically they aren't good enough. Same for Sharpton pretty much.

    But what do I know.
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    1. Safety (preferably a FS)
    2. DT (or NT if we end up going back to the 3-4)
    3. WOLB (one with at least some semblance of coverage skills).
    4. WR (this is less of a priority, our receiving game is only suffering because of OD's absence, but a speed guy who is more reliable than JJ might be nice).

    In that order.

    Other than that, I think personnel is the least of our problem. I'd like to see how everyone performs in a decent scheme under the wing of a decent coach - especially on defense.
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    I agree with Zierlin's simplistic take - on defense they need more size in the middle and speed on the edges on every level/unit. I think that might even mean yet another training staff because I'd assume the new coach/front office will want their trainer in there.

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