Betts stays with 'Skins

Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by TexasJedi, Dec 9, 2006.

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    So, cross him off of your wishlists. That is assuming you had him involved in any offseason plans for the Texans. It seems like he was looking at a pretty nice payday if he tested the open market, but he took the deal that was in front of him. Can't blame him though.

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    Bleh.. they make it sound like hes a coward. I say good for him, you dont see enough players that stick with thier team. I think it takes more guts to stay with the skins and try to get them to the superbowl, than to go out and take the biggest paycheck.

    If more players did that, you would see some of these "fringe" teams as superbowl contenders.
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    I totally agree with you Grid. But at the same time, isn't that one of the biggest reasons he would make a great Texan? I mean loyalty is hard to find these days and when there is a player who is willing to stay with his team and do everything he can to end his career with his team, you hold on to that player. Or at least you hold on to him if he is any good. But I commend him for sticking with the guys that drafted him.
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    How do they know they are going to keep Portis?

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