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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Dime, Oct 24, 2006.

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    Should we be calling Kub, Master Kub?

    Let me explain.

    Since he has been here. We have -

    Had a better (not awesome yet) Offensive line. While they are not yet opening very many holes to run through, they are closing alot of the holes the defense has been running through to Carr. Carr seems to be having a bit more (not much) time to throw and giving him a chance to play the game. In addition, the sack count so far is much lower than it has been. This is a major victory for our team this year.

    Two, David Carr is much improved this year from the last 4 years. Some here complain about he should have been there 2-3 years ago. It dont matter. He is getting there now. He has MUCH MORE poise, less dumpdowns, more accuracy with the football, better decisions on making passes, and he stays in the pocket more without running for his life all the time.

    Three, Judgement. Yes.. I know, all of you Reggie Bush/Vince Young people can yell to high heaven, but I dont see you saying crap about the other picks like Ryans, Lundy, Owens, and others. I feel confident with Mario already that he will improve and get better. In addition here, he trusts our team to make the 4th and 1 plays. He has brought spirit back to this team. Also, we didnt sit on the lead and not try to increase the score. We kept Pounding.

    Fourth, Yes.. we are 2 and 4. We have ALREADY improved over last year play wise, and with one more win, the stats will show we have improved it with more wins this year, then last. As long as we make improvements, I am happy.

    5th, Last weeks game did something. I was up at the office and people who normally laugh at the texans on how sucky they are came up to me and said "Damn, those Texans kick butt last night, they arent looking as bad as I thought they were". People are starting (even very little) to respect us. Now, we are a long way from major respect, but right now, i just enjoy to see ANY when the Texans word is used.

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