Best Rivalry trophy?

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    We could do a survivor but it would take forever.

    The Wagon Wheel
    Omicron Delta Kappa-James E. Foy V Sportsmanship Trophy
    The Old Mountain Jug
    The Territorial Championship Cup
    The Kit Carson Rifle
    The Golden Boot
    The Ireland Trophy
    The Peace Pipe
    The Beehive Boot
    The Old Wagon Wheel
    The Stanford Axe
    The Victory Carraige
    The Goat Trophy
    Keg of Nails
    The Victory Bell (Cinci v Miami OH)
    The Silver Shako
    The Shot Glass
    The Bronze Boot
    The Cortaca Jug
    The Monon Bell
    The Conestoga Wagon Trophy
    The Oaken Bucket
    The Victory Bell (Duke v NC)
    Seminole War Canoe
    The Victory Bell (Franklin v Hannover)
    The Wooden Shoes
    The Bayou Bucket
    The Little Brown Stein
    The Sweet Sioux Tomahawk
    A wooden turtle named "Illi-Buck"
    A cannon
    The Old Brass Spittoon
    The Old Oaken Bucket
    The Cy-Hawk Trophy
    "Floyd of Rosedale"
    The Telephone Trophy
    The Governor's Cup (KU v K.St)
    The Indian War Drum
    The Governor's Cup (Kentucky v Louisville)
    The Bronze Turkey
    The Cajun Crown
    "The Rag"
    The Brice-Cowell Musket.
    The Bell
    Paul Bunyan Governor of Michigan Trophy
    The Little Brown Jug
    The Megaphone
    The Land Grant Trophy
    The schools have different names for it. MTSU calls it the Totem Pole. Tennessee Tech refers to it as Shinny Ninny.
    Paul Bunyan's Axe
    The Athletic Trainer's Kit
    The Golden Egg trophy
    The Missouri-Nebraska Bell
    "Grizzly-Bobcat Painting"
    The Fremont Cannon
    The Bronze Derby
    Maloof Trophy
    Silver Spade and Brass Spittoon
    The Nickel Trophy
    Chief Caddo
    The Hickory Stick
    The Shillelagh Trophy
    The Jeweled Shillelagh
    The Golden Hat
    Dutchman's Shoes
    Transit Trophy
    The I-64 Bowl
    "The Iron Skillet"
    Schwartzwalder Trophy
    The Victory Bell (UCLA v USC)
    The Commonwealth Cup
    The Black Diamond Trophy
    The Apple Cup
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    Okay, you're gonna have to explain these two.

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