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Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by TexansCanes, Aug 15, 2004.

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    With the college season right around the corner and practices starting, who do you guys think are the best players at each position, here are mine:

    QB: MattLeinart USC, put up good numbers last year and should be better this year
    RB: Carnell Williams Auburn,tough call but i give it to him because he is the total package
    WR: Mike Williams USC or Braylon EdwardsMichigan, Mike is the man but if he doesn't come back then i give it to Edwards
    TE: Heath Miller Virginia, big guy at 6' 5" 255 and has good hands
    OL: Alex Barron of FSU but watch out for Eric Winston who is greatly improving after just on year at LT
    DL: Marcus Spears LSU, he is a freak athlete just watch the Sugar Bowl last year
    LB: Derrick Johnson UT, also a freak and makes plays all over the field
    DB: Toss up between Cory Webster and Antrel Rolle, rolle has been impossible to throw against in practice and Webster has the size and can cover like a blanket.

    For the national championship i have LSU beating Winner of FSU/Miami, but i'm a little biased toward LSU. Realisticly USC is the favorite but i see them stumbling some where because their defense is not all that great. And the winner of the LSU/Georgia game has the inside track to the Orange Bowl, but they will probably have to play each other twice so it would be hard to go undefeated. FSU and Miami have easy schedules after sept. 6. OU has a good chance but i hope UT can finally come through and knock them of the top.

    Should be a great year can't wait to see what happens :popcorn:
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    I agree with all your top picks except RB, I think Cedric Benson UT and Darren Spoles KS are better than he is but thats just my opinion.
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    Ain't a bad list. Here's mine:

    QB. Charlie Whitehurst -Clemson
    WR. Mark Clayton- Oklahoma
    RB. Darren Sproles- K State
    OT. Alex Barron- F.State
    C. Richie Incognito- Wisconsin
    G Chris Myers - Miami
    Te. Heath Miller- Virgina
    DT. Rod Wright- UT
    DE. David Pollack- Georgia
    LB. Derrik Johnson- UT
    CB. Corey Webster- LSU
    FS. James Butler- GA Tech
    SS. Jamal Brimmer- UNLV

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