Ball State QB Nate Davis to stay in school

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by TexansSeminole, Dec 6, 2008.

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    NFL scouts at Ford Field came to evaluate Davis, but he said they'll have to wait another year to draft him.

    "I will come back," Davis said. "There's no doubt about. It's been the plan all along."

    Looks like the QB depth in this draft just took a shot.
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    Wonder if he'll at least see where his draft grade would be at. Yep you're right pending some other underclassmen this is going to be a weak QB class. Next year could be one for the ages.
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    After watching his display today I think it would be best for him to come back for another year. The kid has all the tools to be an NFL QB, but he just makes some bonehead decisions sometimes. Case in fact tonight with the game on the line he tries to dive into the endzone and fumbles. The fumble gets returned for a TD. He spends the remainder of the game trying to atone for that mistake and ends up fumbling twice more before the game is over.

    The kid has skills but he sure did look a lot like Rosenfels tonight.
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    His body of work this season has been amazing. He has an amazing arm and has good touch on the balls 30+ yards. I didn't watch this whole game, but the fumbles I did see were because he was audibling to his WR's or checking down to a hot route when his C snapped the ball. I think a lot of blame should be placed on the C for this game.

    I think he will be well served coming back next year to develop, but I don't know the value of his development compared to the NFL bench/scout QB. He plays on a team that doesn't play ranked teams, meaning the top level competition isn't there to "develop" from. I think he would be smart to submit his name to the draft committee.

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