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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by awtysst, Mar 1, 2009.

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    So, I decided to try something new with this mock. Instead of thinking and pouring over notes, i just did an instinctive quick first rounder. I gave myself a max of 30 seconds to make each pick. I wanted to see how this would round out as compared to other mocks I have done. Since this was a quick firing mock, I do not have any explanations. Also keep in mind that this is a full round one and not a Texans mock. Also, because this was a quick firing one, no trades.

    So, check it out and rip it apart!!!!!

    1. Detroit-Aaron Curry, OLB Wake Forest
    2. St. Louis- Jason Smith, OT Baylor
    3. Kansas City- Eugene Monroe- OT Virginia
    4. Seattle- Jeremy Maclin, WR- Missouri
    5. Cleveland- Malcom Jenkins- CB Ohio State
    6. Cincinnati-Brian Orakpo-DE Texas
    7. Oakland-Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech
    8. Jacksonville-Peria Jerry, DT Mississippi
    9. Green Bay-Evertte Brown, DE Florida State
    10. San Francisco- Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia
    11. Buffalo-Aaron Maybin, DE/OLB
    12. Denver-B.J. Raji, DT Boston College
    13. Washington- Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss
    14. New Orleans-Vontae Davis, CB Illinois
    15. Houston-Ray Malaluga- LB USC
    16. San Diego- Knowshon Moreno, RB Georgia
    17. New York Jets- Mark Sanchez, QB USC
    18. Chicago-Michael Johnson, DE Georgia Tech
    19. Tampa Bay- Hakeem Nicks- WR North Carolina
    20. Detroit (from Dallas)- Brian Cushing, OLB USC
    21. Philadelphia-Chris Wells, RB Ohio State
    22. Minnesota- D.J. Moore, CB Vanderbilt
    23. New England-James Laurinatis, LB Ohio State
    24. Atlanta-Percy Harvin, WR Florida
    25. Miami-Clint Sintim, OLB Virginia
    26. Baltimore-Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma State
    27. Indianapolis-Alex Mack, C Cal
    28. Philadelphia (from Carolina)- Kenny Britt, WR Rutgers
    29. New York Giants- Tyson Jackson, DE LSU
    30. Tennessee- Ron Brace, DT Boston College
    31. Arizona- Alphonso Smith, CB Wake Forrest
    32. Pittsburgh- Larry English, OLB Northern Illinois
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    Spring, TX
    I like that it's different, but I have a few things:

    Maclin before Crabtree? I guess it could happen but it would certainly be a surprise on draft day.

    Jerry at 8? I certainly don't have him rated that high but if you've seen him rated that high somewhere then I can't fault you for the logic of the pick.

    I had Moreno to San Diego a while ago, but with them tagging Sproles I just don't see it happening unless they unload LT.

    I don't have Brace anywhere near the first round but the pick would make sense for a team that just lost their big time run stuffer.

    Good stuff, especially considering the time frame.
  3. mussop

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    I dont think it would be that big of a surprise. I agree with everything else you said.
  4. awtysst

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    Yeah I think with Crabtree on the fence about running and Maclin running, some teams might be wary about Crabtree. They would be foolish to be, but I can see it happening.

    I don't like Jerry at 8 but if they like him, they will take him right here. Remember this is the same team that thought that Derrick Harvey was worth the #8 pick. They also thought Matt Jones was worth a first round draft grade even though almost everyone else thought he was a 3rd rounder at best. Jax is a franchise that will take the player they like even if it sounds a bit odd. I think Perry is a guy they like and I could see them taking him here.

    One of the problems with the 30 second clock is that you forget certain things. One of those was that SD tagged Sproles. I completely forgot that, so yeah had I remembered, they would not have taken Moreno. They likley would have taken Cushing and put him on Merriman's other side. Yikes!

    Tennessee is in a tough spot in my draft. They could use a WR but there aren't any worthy of a choice. They reach on Brace here to shore up the Haynesworth position. They could go Smith, but it seemed that this was a bigger area of concern to them.

    Thanks for the comments!
  5. awtysst

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    Apr 3, 2005
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    Yeah, I think that there are some people questioning Crabtree's abilities. This happens every year. People are saying that he played primarily in a throwing offense, so will he be able to block. He does not have elite speed, so will he be able to really stretch the field. They will say that he disappeared against some formidable D's like Oklahoma. Did he take advantage of weak Defenses or is he legit.

    These are questions that every high pick must endure. I think Crabtree will be fine and someone is gonna get a real good player. In my universe Oakland gets him. Sadly.
  6. beerlover

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    good demonstration off the cuff as FA makes its presence felt as teams scramble to address needs so they can select bpa.

    right now Stafford looks like the #1 pick, Detroit is shooting blanks addressing this need & losing two - Kitna & Orlovsky (Texans).

    everything starts with that first selection, no doubt Curry is a low risk pick as is Jason Smith. for example, what if Cutler wants out of Denver forcing them to make a trade, the #1 overall pick would be a good asking price to begin :cool:

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