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    I revised this mock becuase it just made more sense not to. I also gave some thoughts on who I drafted and who else could have been drafted along with my thoughts of why I picked that person. Please give me opinions. Thanks!

    1. Oakland Raiders - Jamarcus Russell - QB - LSU
    (Oakland gets their franchise QB)

    2. Detroit Lions - Gaines Adams - DE - Clemson
    (Detroit gets the best passrusher/best D player in the draft)

    3. Cleveland Browns - Brady Quinn - QB - Notre Dame
    (Romeo gets a Charlie Wise style QB to work with)

    4. Tampa Bay Buccanneers - Calvin Johnson - WR - Georgia Tech
    (Chuckie is jumping for joy that he got his man and didnt have to trade)

    5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas - OT - Wisconsin
    (Leinart gets a LT to play RT for him)

    6. Washington Redskins - Jaamal Anderson - DE - Arkansas
    (DC gets an excelent DE)

    7. Minnesota Vikings - Laron Landry - S - LSU
    (VIkings take the best D player left)

    8. Atlanta Falcons (f/HOU) -Levi Brown - OT - Penn State
    (Atlanta gets someone to watch Vick's blindspot and start to convert towards a bigger stronger Oline)

    9. Miami Dolphins - Amobi Okoye - DT - Louisville
    (Miami fans might be dissapointed today, but they wont be in a couple of years when he becomes a monster)

    10. Houston Texans (f/ATL) - Trade with Buffalo for Buffalo's 12+43+next year's second)
    (Tough to not pick Peterson, but there is value in trading down and Buffalo REALLY wants him. Plus Houston recoups their two seconds they traded for Schaub. So, in reality they got Schaub for 2 spots further down in the first. Nice job Rick Smith!).

    10:Buffalo Bills(f/HOU): Adrian Peterson - RB - Oklahoma
    (Steep price to pay but not when Peterson is considered the second "cant miss" in the draft and the second coming of Deuce McCalister?!)

    11: San Francisco: Adam Carriker - DE - Nebraska
    (They could go Willis or Carriker. I decided DE is usually a more important position than LB)

    12: Houston Texans: trades with Denver for Denver's 21+70+84
    (Houston trades down again)

    12: Denver Broncos(f/HOU, f/BUF) Reggie Nelson - FS - Florida
    (Surprise move of the draft has Nelson taken to replace the aging John Lynch)

    From this point on, I am only doing Texans picks.

    1st:21. Houston Texans(f/DEN):Darrell Revis- CB-Pittsuburg
    (Revis gets a solid starting CB to play opposite Dunta)
    other choices: Chris Houston-CB-Arkansas, Robert Meachum-WR-Tennessee, Joe Staley-OT- Cent Michigan. I take Revis as he is the BPA in a need.

    2nd:43: Houston Texans(f/BUF): Ryan Kalil - C - USC
    (Houston's biggest need on the Oline isnt LT but Center. Oh, wait not anymore!)
    other choices:Michael Griffin-FS-Texas, Steve Smith-WR USC, Sidney Rice-WR-South Carolina
    I take Kalil as he is easily the best Center in the draft. There are other solid WRs but not too many other solid Centers.

    3rd:70:Houston Texans(f/DEN, f/WAS): Jason Allen- WR - Washington State
    (AJ gets a friend in Jason Allen)
    other choices: Josh Gattis-FS, Doug Free-OT, Daymeon Hughes-CB.
    I take Allen becuase he is the BPA and one that can start day one and that he might not be available 4 picks later.

    3rd:74:Houston Texans: Josh Gattis - FS - Wake Forest
    other picks:Doug Free-OT, Daymeon Hughes-CB, Paul Solaii - DT - Utah
    I like Gattis here. We already have 2 good CBs and I am not too high on Free. I think Solaii will be availble later on

    3rd:84:Houston Texans(f/DEN): Paul Solaii - DT - Utah
    (We could use a tough strong DT and here he is)
    other choices:Dan Bazuin: DE-Cent Michigan.
    I do not want another Babin, and he reminds me of just that.

    4th:106:Houston Texans:Justin Durant-OLB/ILB-Hampton
    (Played Mike at Hampton, but I think he translates better as a Will)
    He is a guy who I think can step in and compete for Will

    5th:Houston Texans: Sam Olajubutu-OLB/SS-Arkansas
    (Very likley switches to SS, but he was the "leader" of the Arkansas D and was solid in what he did).
    He very likely will not start, but he can be a good spot starter and solid reserve.

    6th:Houston Texans: Brandon Frye-OT-Virginia Tech
    (I wasnt really thinking OT here, but when you have a guy who projects to Jordan Gross in the 6th, you take him).
    I think that he can be a solid tackle in the ZBS and its tough to not take him if he is there,

    7th:Houston Texans: Adam Podlesh Punter-Maryland
    (Stanley was very poor in punting last year. One way to help your D is to punt the ball far and accuratley)
    I wanted Daniel Sepulveda from baylor but I think he goes in the 4th or 5th and I dont want to lose out on Durant or Olajubutu, so I take someone who is an immediate improvement over Staley and can start for the team as of yesterday.
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    I think you will need to have a pick higher than 43 to get a whiff of Kalil. I want him to, but don't think he'll be there then.

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