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    Here is my pre-combine and workouts mock draft. I realize there will probably be some disagreement, but at least consider my explanations.

    Feel free to make comments, suggestions, or express any disagreements.:snobord:

    Round 1

    1. Oakland: Joe Thomas, OT/Wisconsin---Just b/c they need a QB does not mean that Al Davis will take one. He refuses to take a QB in the 1st round, much less w/ the #1 pick. Calvin Johnson is definitely an option here, but as bad as their Oline was last year, I believe they go with a perceived "can't miss" franchise LT.

    2. Detroit: Brady Quinn, QB/ Notre Dame---Still searching for a QB, they take him as their QB of the future.

    3. Cleveland: Alan Branch, DT/Michigan---Peterson is definitely a possibility here, but they have an aging Dline w/ no dominant force to anchor their 34 scheme. Add defensive-minded Head Coach Crennel and it's almost a no-brainer.

    4. Tampa Bay: Calvin Johnson, WR/Georgia Tech---Randy Moss w/out the attitude and he doesn't take plays off. They need a playmaker on offense; not to mention BPA.

    5. Arizona: Gaines Adams, DE/Clemson---While they have many needs, they do need a speed pass rusher. Although this is my prediction, as bad as their Oline is, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Cardinals make a stupid pick and take LT Levi Brown too early.

    6. Washington: Jamaal Anderson, DE/Arkansas---Desperately need a pass rushing DE and many consider Anderson the best overall prospect at the position.

    7. Minnesota: Dwayne Jarrett, WR/USC---Although several excellent prospects are still on the board, they select the big, physical playmaker to fill their biggest need. They were hoping that Calvin Johnson would be available, but no chance that happens; they'll settle for Jarrett.

    8. Houston: Adrian Peterson, RB/Oklahoma--- Definitely BPA and the type of playmaker that Kubiak has said they want. Excellent vision, one-cut and go type runner w/ excellent combination of power & speed. Many question his durability, but since the injuries are minor & should not have any lingering affect whatsoever on his running ability, I just don't see Kubiak passing on him unless we get a great trade-down offer (Green Bay could be a possibility).

    9. Miami: JaMarcus Russell, QB/L.S.U.---Thrilled that he is still on the board, they get their franchise QB and arguably the best QB of the draft.

    10. Atlanta: LaRon Landry, S/L.S.U.---Their most pressing need is FS and Landry is considered the most polished in the draft.

    11. San Francisco: Marcus McCauley, CB/Fresno St.---Need a WR as well, but help in the secondary is even more pressing and McCauley is a true shut-down CB.

    12. Buffalo: Levi Brown, OT/Penn St.---Need help on the Oline and there is very little to choose from in this years draft.

    13. St. Louis: Paul Posluszny, OLB/Penn State---The best LB in the draft solves what has been their biggest need for years.

    14. Carolina: Patrick Willis, ILB/Ole Miss---Very defensive-minded team who wasn't as dominant this year, they need a LB to solidify their defense and possibly replace Dan Morgan.

    15. Green Bay: Marshawn Lynch, RB/Cal---The Packers feel that they are one or two players away from a playoff run. They elect to go with a playmaker in the backfield w/ Favre. I believe they are a strong candidate for a trade scenario w/ the Texans if they grade out AP significantly higher than Lynch.

    16. Pittsburgh: Adam Carriker, DE/ Nebraska---Probably the best 34 DE prospect in the draft and would be a great fit. Steelers never found an adequate replacement for Van Olhouffen who left via FA last offseason.

    17. Jacksonville: Earl Everett, OLB/Florida---Versatile athlete who would provide youth and playmaking ability to their LB corp.

    18. Cincinnati: Lawrence Timmons, OLB/Florida State---David Pollack's career is over and Odell Thurman has major off-the-field problems

    19. Tennessee: Robert Meachem, WR/Tennessee---Tall, physical WR w/ speed to give VY a big target and the Titans a playmaker at WR.

    20. NY Giants: Leon Hall, CB/Michigan---Need a CB, but also need a DT and I wouldn't be surprised to see Amobi Okoye picked here instead.

    21. Denver: Darrelle Revis, CB/Pitt---Need a replacement for the deceased Williams and Revis is very good.

    22. Dallas: Reggie Nelson, S/Florida---Ballhawk FS that will make a great teammate to SS Roy Williams.

    23. Kansas City: Sidney Rice, WR/South Carolina

    24. NY Jets: Amobi Okoye, DT/Louisville---Mangini needs a true DT to anchor the 34.

    25. New England (via Seattle): Michael Griffin, S/Texas---A playmaker at the SS spot to replace Harrison. They also need a couple of young LBs and although I have them picking one w/ their other 1st round pick, I still wouldn't be surprised to see the Patriots and Chargers exchange their picks.

    26. Philadelphia: Quentin Moses, DE/Georgia

    27. Baltimore: Ben Grubbs, OG/ Auburn

    28. San Diego: Buster Davis, ILB/Florida St.---They need a Safety, but also need a force in the middle at LB. If Michael Griffin is not available, I think they elect to address this position rather than take S Brandon Meriweather b/c of character concerns.

    *29. New Orleans: DeMarcus Tyler, DT/North Carolina St.

    *30. New England:LaMarr Woodley, DE/OLB/Michigan

    *31. Indianapolis: Quinn Pitcock, DT/Ohio St.---A true run-stuffing DT which is exactly what they are looking for.

    *32. Chicago: Jon Beason, OLB/Miami---Just the type of athletic OLB they like and may need if/when Lance Briggs leaves via FA.


    Round 2: Rufus Alexander, OLB/Oklahoma or Brandon Meriweather, FS/Miami

    Round 3: Best DB available i.e. Daymeion Hughes, CB/FS/Cal....Josh Wilson, CB/Maryland....Eric Weddle, S/Utah....Michael Johnson, S/Arizona....Aaron Rouse, S/Virginia Tech.

    Round 4: Best C available i.e. Ryan Kalil, USC....Doug Dattish, Ohio St....Sampson Satele, Hawaii.

    Round 5: LB depth ie. Justin Durant, OLB/Hampton....Juwan Simpson, OLB/Alabama....Tony Taylor, OLB/Georgia.

    Round 6: Mansfield Wrotto, OG/Georgia Tech

    Round 7: Tyler Palko, QB/Pitt
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    Austin, Texas
    Any thoughts....Anyone??:secret:

    I know it's a pretty long post w/ in-depth explanations, but w/ all the guru's on the MB surely someone has taken the time to look at it. :hides:
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    yeah i doubt that brady quinn goes before jemarcus russell
  4. htownfoozball

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    why take rufus and durant? both would play wlb. didnt address pass rush either. wouldnt take lb in the 2nd. its not a big need position, especially at wlb.

    biggest needs
  5. tulexan

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    If we go offense first (which I think we will) I think we should go DB in the second, possibly Merriweather, and Bishop in the third.
  6. Texian

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    Outside of Russel lasting to Miami I don't see anything wrong with it. Russell may last that long but I don't see it.
  7. Goldeagle

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    I think Russel is going to the Raiders.

    I dont see us taking Adrian peterson, with Dayne, Lundy, D Williams(Ill never get used to that), and Taylor I believe Kubiak will be happy.

    I see us taking a FS, or trading the first pick. I do like your 2-7 round selections.

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