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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by aussie_texan, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Melbourne, Australia
    Ey guys
    Final mock of the year for me.
    I have a few different ones lurking on my computer but i choose this one as its a little different.

    Hopefully you enjoy and feel free to ask questions.

    1 Shea McClellin OLB, Boise State
    I don't think its our number 1 need, but we must go BPA and i think it also fits one of our needs.
    We are fairly thin behind barwin and reed. Barwin could get injured again and reed is only in his 2nd year. We need help in the rotation and for competition.

    2 Brian Quick WR, Appalachian State
    Pretty obvious why need a WR.
    Quick gives us a Big body (6.4 220) receiver who is fast and has a great leap. Has a nice spin move in open player. Is a willing blocker but could get a little better. Has great hands and is a hard worker. Only thing he needs to improve on is his route running (like all rookies).

    3 Ladarius Green TE, Louisiana-Lafayette
    Big Bodied speedster!
    Needs to work on his blocking (mainly due to his slender body), could afford to add 15pounds without losing speed. Has a great leap and good hands. 4-year starter who by all reports has great work-ethic and very coachable.

    4a David Molk C, Michigan
    Back up to Meyers and could if needed slip into guard.
    Has a real nasty streak about him. Really hard worker and very competitive, just missed out on setting the combine record for benchpress. Has great intangibles very coachable, high football IQ and vocal leader.
    Only negative is his lack of size but I think in our scheme he should do fine.

    4b Nick-Jean Baptiste NT, Baylor
    335 pounds but can still penetrate.
    Will play behind Cody in rotation allowing Mitchell to move to DE.
    Dominated East-West Game.
    Needs to work on his technique as his been getting by mostly do to sheer determination and hard work on the line.

    5 Nate Potter OT, Boise State
    6.5ft 303pounds…..and….34 5/8 arm length.
    Has a great body and could afford to add probably another 10 or so pounds without taking away from his athletic ability.
    Down side is his lack of power and and strength but as I said he could put in some extra time in the weight room for the year so by 2013 when butler is more then likely released his ready to start.

    6 Randy Bullock K, Texas A&M
    Top rated kicker on the board, his a Texan boy as well so gotta love that.

    7 Matt Conrath DE, Virginia Tech
    Played at 270 pounds but weighed in at 290 at his pro day and scouts were really happy with this.
    6.7ft with 33” arms this guy his pretty darn big.
    Good motor, effort and hustle. Flashes a mean streak. Outstanding worker. Highly competitive. Is terrific at blocking FGs, and knocks down a lot of passes too.
    Does this guy sound familiar or what.
    Negatives are, does not anchor well, needs to work on technique and relies to much on upper body strength.

    thanks for reading!

  2. kiwitexansfan

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    Auckland, New Zealand
    Not enough defense for my tastes.
  3. Wolf6151

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    1. McClellin, good player, good pick I can live with.
    2. Quick, small school risky pick but lessened by the fact it's the 2nd round, not the 1st.
    3. Green, good player, injury history is a concern and seems a little early.
    4. Molk, seems a little early but I can live with it.
    4. Baptiste, way early for this player, can probably be had in the 6th or 7th.
    5. Potter, seems a little late for this player, great value if available.
    6. Bullock, good pick, hopefully solidifies K for years to come.
    7. Conrath, I know nothing about him.
  4. Rey

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    My favorite picks are green and mcclellin.

    I like green as a wr though, not a TE. I'd rather he lose some weight to fully make that conversion than to try to gain weight to become more stout on the line.

    Just let him use his natural gifts and catch the ball.
  5. beerlover

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    you've become a mock turning powerhouse, mate :)

    Other than Potter (too late) all your picks are doable, meaning very realistic.

    McCellen might not be worth the 26th pick but people will forget about it anyway in a couple years (except those in this draft forum). Versatility in a cap conscious environment is a compelling argument to choose a safe, multifaceted player like Shea but with Brooks/Barwin in fold & Mario gone I probably would address DE/OLB with a longer, fluid edge rusher. So with this in mind, my suggestion for you is Chandler Jones, Syracuse 6053 266. He has more talent, pedigree & fits Wade Phillips profile of what defines the OLB position made famous by DeMarcus Ware.

    Quick is getting dinged for his lack of refined skills, he is what he is & Texan fans are more desperate for WR help than probably the FO. Of course it's hard to project trades but I think this is exactly what the Texans will do to address this position with a more developed, game ready counterpart to Andre Johnson. But Quick is a fine selection with the 58th pick.

    Green is a flashy player. I'm still not over Dorin Dickerson he flashed in College too but injurys cost him a promising career. Also have flashbacks to Ben Joppru.

    Like Center in 4th but in this order, Phillip Blake, Ben Jones, Michael Brewster. You know I would be buying a jersey with the name Brewster on it :toast2:

    Baptiste is projected later. Maybe someone with better length yet impossing size & athletic ability like Akiem Hicks, over three inches taller still 320 range which are plus measureables. He would address this need here rated 4th5th rd.

    Like Potter, project him as a LG going forward. Would jump for joy to get him this late.

    Bullock is not flashy, but solid & fills need. Would need to get off on the right foot.

    Don't know anything about Conrath either. Can he block & play TE?

    As Always Good ON You :beer:
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    Melbourne, Australia
    one point at a time.

    McClellin is the top rated player on my board at the time we pick.
    Players like Jones i think will be gone before we pick.
    Also i think McClellin is more suited to the role then Jones.
    Jones is more fluid and finesse like but doesn't have the constant motor that shea has. Plus I'm worried about jones fast rise up draft boards. Why wasn't he mentioned before or during the season.

    Yes quick is quite raw but as a 2nd rounder this dampens the risk a little.
    No matter who the texans pick at WR i don't see any of them starting this year.
    At least not in the first few weeks.
    Thats why i don't think they'll pick a WR in the first, unless Blackmon or Floyd are there (i.e. nearly impossible).
    Given this i think Quick has great upside and probably already has better hands then JJ. Obviously needs to work on his route running though. But his the only player of that size after round one that gets separation and is "quick" in and out of his breaks. his also very unique in the open space. loves utilising his B'Ball spin move.

    I have Molk ahead of brewster and nearly equal to that of the other 2, but i love his mean streak and by reports he seems to be more of a leader, has a stronger football IQ and is very coachable. So thats why i take him ahead of the others.

    Baptiste is a player who's mocked all over the place. Walter has a 4th round grade on him but PFW has a 6th round on him. I guess i could have slotted him in the 5th rounder for average sake but i think his still very talented so why not take him in the 4th. He will be worth it.

    Nate Potter:
    Walter has him ranked 13th of the OT and has him in the 4-5th round
    ProfootballWeekly his ranked 16th as a 5th rounder
    CBSsports ranked 16th among OT and has a 5-6 round grade on him.
    I think his better then the prospects ahead of him but it might not be out of the realm that he lands in the 5th. Obviosuly its a crap shoot to determine exact spots in the draft especially done in the 5th but he has a 5th round grade so i stuck him in my mock in the 5th.

    Check out Conrath i think he offers great value out of 7th rounder.
    Generally not expected to make the team are 7th rounders but i think he could considering what the staff can mold with.
  7. aussie_texan

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    Dec 8, 2010
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    Melbourne, Australia
    Thanks for the feedback guys.
    Looking forward to looking of all my mocks and others after the draft to see what happened!

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