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Discussion in 'Texan Tailgate' started by Canuck, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Texans Fans,

    5 Canadian football fans are headed down to Houston next week for the Texans showdown with the New Orleans Saints. We heard that Texans fans know how to throw a tailgate … and we just have to check it out for ourselves.

    We usually drive to games with a pick-up truck full of supplies, tables, chairs, grill, coolers etc. … but Houston is bit too far for my old truck. So we will be in a rented minivan with the best supplies your local Super Wal-Mart can provide.

    As such, we were wondering if anyone was willing to invite us to his or her tailgate party. Anyone with an extra camp chair or 2, a little extra space in their cooler, or a spot under their canopy in case of rain would be much appreciated. Otherwise we should be pretty self-sufficient and always bring lots of extra food, snacks and beer.

    We are NOT Saints fans … we wouldn’t travel over 3000km to root against the home team. We have all been following the Texans progress this season and would love nothing more than to witness the Saints winning streak come to a screeching halt at Reliant stadium on Nov 18.

    Any other advice for a few first time Texans tailgaters is also appreciated

    We already have tickets, and a blue parking pass.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

    Go Texans!!!
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    The Blue Crew is the place to visit!

    Just a bit of trivia, the Blue Crew isn't actually in the Blue Lot anymore. We have been upgraded to Platinum (which is a short walk from Blue).

    We get there 5 hours before kickoff and we even tailgate after the game.

    Come by and ask for Tedc. PM me with any questions you may have.

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    Welcome Canuck!

    Ted has given you some great advice. If you show up early, you should be able to park pretty close to Platinum.

    Should be a pretty good tailgate. With no home games in a while, there should be some pent up need to tailgate.
  4. Yankee_In_TX

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    Canuck - if you come to the Blue Crew, all you'll really need is maybe some beer, ice, and water. There's no need to haul a bunch of supplies a few blocks. Just bring what ya want to drink.

    If you've never been down here before, buy "Shiner Bock."

    Also, I sympathize, for the first year of the Texans I lived in Ohio.

    PM Ted or I if you have any questions!

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