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Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Scooter, Sep 30, 2012.

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    mostly for entertainment purposes, but maybe someone like steph will relay these ... if you could sit and talk candidly with one of the texans coaches, what would you ask them?

    kubiak - what changed between 2002 and 2006 that made you feel ready to become a head coach? what have you learned since that you werent expecting?

    kubiak - the league has moved to spread and pass happy schemes, yet you've stuck with fullbacks and multiple tight ends in a more run oriented offense than most. what in your experience tells you that this is the way to win in the playoffs?

    kubiak - draw plays, wtf?

    wade - jj watt has been beyond words. how would you compare his play to the all time greats you've coached with and against?

    wade - your reputation as a coordinator is legendary, but as a head coach is questionable despite a great record. is one more important than the other?
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    Apr 24, 2005
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    Kubiak: No disrespect intended, but why are we bogging down when we get a lead and then start a drive inside our own 15 yard line or worse only to sort of "cash it in" and then run the draw play on 3rd and long? It seems we spend a lot of those situations in a 3-and-out mode...are you playing a field position game, trying to just ensure we don't turn it over that close to the end zone? (Of course there's no way in hell he would answer that, and even if he did he would scoff at such an idea. But I don't care, I'd ask it anyways).

    Wade: Why is Bradie James so important as a play calling LB that he ends up being out there more than better "ball hawks" such as Tim Dobbins? Why are you not getting guys like Mercilus and Braman the snaps you're giving Barwin? Both James and Barwin are not producing on stat sheets out there. Is it the loyalty factor? Why not try your depth players more?

    Again, no way in hell either coach would let me ask those questions without looking at me like I'm crazy or that I'm being a douche to them. But those are things I want to know.

    Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Why is the 2nd round pick from last year still showing up on inactive lists this season while we watch guys like Brice McCain and Alan Ball struggle?
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    GP: No disrespect intended, but it is called "winning football". Have you noticed that we have smaller leads when that happens then at the end of the games? We are winning these games by 20+ points. Have you considered the possibility that you have no freakin' idea what you are talking about? More specifically, regarding the Titan game, we were on our own 6 and threw to AJ for 15 yards. Unfortunately, the officials made a BS call and moved us back to the three... On third down, however, we did not run the ball. Matt threw a 10 yard pass to OD

    (He'd never answer like that, but I wish he would)
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    Clear Lake
    Gary did you lose my cell number? I am still here big guy!
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    Our offense does a lot better when teams don't know what we are doing, When we still have the option to run or pass. If we have to just drop back and pass when the other team knows what to expect or we just have to pound it when they are expecting the run sometimes we have trouble. Add that to the fact that Schaub is not really that mobile and we would like to have him come playoff time and the fact that we have a great defense so we should'nt have to take a lot of chances on offense. Add all that to the fact we won by more than 20 and I think I have to agree with Dalemurphy.

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