Anyone notice the irony in drafting?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gtexan02, Sep 30, 2006.

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    We bring in a defensive guru to coach the expansion team. He knows little about offense, and thus goes with QB Carr as his first pick of the 1st round in the first draft. Because he doesn't really know offense, however, Carr struggles for his first 4 years. He doesn't receive proper coaching. he doesn't have players around him.

    Now we bring in an offensive guru. Only problem? He knows nothing about the defensive side of the ball. Worse yet, his top choice for DC is a no-go, and we are left with Smith. So what does Kubiak do? He brings in a D guy with his 1st pick in the first round of his first draft. Is anyone worried that Kubiaks lack of D coaching skill might hinder or even prevent Mario from developing correctly?
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    I'm not too worried about it. The difference is I think that Carr never had a QB coach. I think Carr had alot of basic problems, problems which would have been taken care of had he had someone coaching him specifically on those things. Making reads, footwork, identifying coverages and when to throw it away. Things like that. Mario has a d-line coach in coach K who's had a lot of experience in KC and will help him with his fundamentals. He's also had other retired d-linemen offer their help so I think Mario has the opportunity to learn everything he needs to know.

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