Anyone catch Foxsports network:Houston show?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Wolf, Aug 5, 2006.

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    I was at a restaurant last night and caught glimpses of it on caption.

    can't remember who the 3 journalists/reporters where

    what I saw was they expect Babin to have a bigger year. He is in a position that he should be more comfortable and with Richard Smith's "D" they should be attacking.. they said Babin mentioned something about Fangio's D was hold the line and wait. One person said they expect TJ to get more comfortable and run the style of play that he did at FSU (kinda different take from what I read here and honestly, I believe in the things I read in hear over them). One person said that Pbuc should be improved. Fangio's defense had him and Faggins on an island instead of the in-your face style that Pbuc likes to play.

    they said Mario is doing great and D. Ryans should be the player to watch because of the d-line... they will make Rookie mistakes but should be solid.

    only thing I saw (err read) about the offense was Carr should have a great year with moulds and AJ.

    there were more stuff being said but I missed it.

    *edit* that is one thing that I never understand about a sports bar or restaurant that has a sports theme.. if they have talk shows on and not actual games.. why not put the caption on? I can't read lips

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