Any Texans fans in San Diego area?

Discussion in 'Texan Tailgate' started by BufordTJustice, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Nov 26, 2012
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    Fallbrook, Ca
    I am wanting to get other Texans fans together that live in San Diego area or even Los Angeles to get together at a place of our choosing (ie. bar, restaurant, someone host at their house) to watch our guys play and have a good time.

    It would be a way to get to know new people and enjoy each other's company. I know 0 people around here who are Texans fans. Chargers or Raiders here mostly...or the occasional Cowboy/Packer/Patriot bandwagoner...

    Reply here or PM me if you want to get something started or know of another group in the area to join.

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    There are some fans in the area and they did get together last year. They enjoyed the outings but we haven't heard from them this year. Probably not enough time in the day for a person or two to coordinate.
    And people always have different obligations and/or plan.
    Hope you guys can make something in the play-offs.

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