Any signs of improvement?

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by Holden135, Sep 18, 2005.

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    I know the easy thing to do right now is complain about how we have played but i think there were a few good things that happened in the game.

    1. We may have found a scheme that can work for us. When we spread the field with 4 wr's and left the rb to block we had some success in the second half. This scheme limited the amount of pass rushers available to blitz.

    2. Capers was wrong all along. We don't need to run well to open up passing lanes, we need to pass well to open up running lanes. In the third quarter when we managed those few drives we did it in the air, once we establised a passing game Davis and Wells were able to find some big holes running inside.

    3. The secondary wasn't bad. Other than Buchanon that is. I was surprised to see DRob get burned deep but they played solid. You have to remember the opposing qb is getting all day to find a receiver. No secondary in the league can hold every wr that long.

    4. I know i will get bashed for this but Carr didn't lose that game for us. He took what was given to him today which wasn't much. He had no help from the o-line and from the wr's. Droped passes left and right. Other than the early fumble he didn't make many mistakes.


    1. Of course the o-line. 8 sacks is unacceptable. Every time we get something going Carr is sacked for a huge loss which pretty much ends the drive. DD should get some blame also because of his lack of exection in pass protection, he was responsible for atleast 2 sacks today.

    2. Mental mistakes. Penalties and dropped passes hurt us today. If Bradford holds on to that third down pass early in the game we could have kept it close.

    3. No pressure on Big Ben. He had all day to throw, our secondary can't hold their wr's for that long. When we did get pressure on him we over pursued and missed the sack.

    4. Phillip Buchanon is killing us. He has been embarrassed for two weeks in a row. We need to give him some safety help to win games. I don't like the fact that they only play DRob on one side of the field. He should play the no. 1 wr on every play. Buchanon isn't skilled enough to cover Ward.

    5. Play calling. When we finally got it going with the spread offense and throwing the ball in the 3rd quarter they switch to a 2 and 3 te set and tried to run the ball which worked for maybe a yard each time. Why would you go away from the only thing that worked all game long? Why don't we ever do play action on first down? Everybody thinks we are gonna run it, why not do play action and go deep?
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    i agree with aall of those. especially play calling.
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    CC Brown continues to impress me. Didn't expect him to have to clean up the smoldering pile of ashes wearing #31 every series, but I like his style.

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