Answers, one year later.

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    Okay, thinking back to this time last year, let's look at what we've discovered.

    1. Schaub is something between a pretty good and elite starting QB. We just have to keep him healthy.

    2. Mario Williams isn't a bust. In fact, he may be close to be an elite NFL player.

    3. We found another CB opposite Dunta: Fred Bennett is very good.

    4. OTs?: last year, we were hopeful that Winston would be solid and hopefully Spencer could eventually come back. Now, Winston should be a pro bowl RT and Duane Brown looks very good- not to mention that Rashod Butler looks to be an excellent, young swing tackle- Kubiak has singled him out as the best performing OLman in the 2 preseason games so far.

    5. LBs to play with Demeco: Diles looks very promising, and there's hope for Adibi, thompson, and Bentley

    6. WRs other than AJ. Remember how worried we were about that. NOT NOW!

    7. Depth at RB after A.Green: last year at this point Taylor was injured and Walker had already been released- we had Dayne and not much else. this year: Chris Brown, Taylor, Slaton, Walker.

    We were ravaged by injuries last year with all of these questions and finished 8-8. This season could be special!

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