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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by nero THE zero, Mar 4, 2011.

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    Possibly a guy that would be good to pair with Quin at safety. According to McClain (via radio), the Texans would like to move Quin to FS is they can find a CB to replace him. Bigby might be a good candidate to pair with him.

    He started 36 game between 2007 and 2009, intercepted 10 passes, forced 3 fumbles, and made 156 tackles.
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    Could you imagine of Atari and Pac-Man ever played on the same team.... with Mario? :heh:
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    From Rotoworld:

    I tried to research his injury very least, disconcerting:

    2007 was the last full season Bigby had.

    2008, he missed 9 games. According to the injury reports the Packers filed with the league, Bigby's ankle was only a problem in Week 1 and Week 13. A hamstring injury against Detroit in Week 3 kept him out of the next five games. A shoulder injury was listed as his injury in Weeks 14 and 15 when he did not play.

    But it goes beyond even this.

    He was not listed as injured during Weeks 9-12, so he was presumed to be completely healthy.

    But he wound up being benched at times in Week 10 (at Minnesota) and Week 12 (at New Orleans) because injuries left him ineffective.

    Even when he was placed on injured reserve Dec. 18, the reason stated in the team's press release was a shoulder injury.

    Eight days later he had ankle surgery in Charlotte, N.C.

    2009, he missed 3 games for a knee injury.

    2010, he missed 9 games the beginnin of the season for ankle injury/surgery; and he missed 3 games the end of the season for knee and groin injuries.
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    With his injury past and his skill set I wouldnt take a chance. With Bob Sanders at least if he was healthy he is a probowler

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