Another "Rate My Draft" Thread w/ Poll

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What would you rate my Fantasy Football Draft?

  1. A: Amazing draft!

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  2. B: Very good draft. Not much more you could have done.

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  3. C: Average draft. Could have done better.

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  4. D: Meh.

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  5. F: What were you thinking?!?

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  1. Ckw

    Ckw Guest

    Curious what you draft gurus think of my draft. I had the 5th pick in a snake draft with 10 teams. League is .5 PPR so I really focused on running backs that could catch the ball. Please rate and give me any suggestions you have for guys I should maybe drop or guys to look at on the waiver wire.

    1 LeSean McCoy RB
    2 Larry Fitzgerald WR
    3 Darren McFadden RB
    4 Ahmad Bradshaw RB
    5 Mike Williams WR
    6 Ben Roethlisberger QB
    7 Owen Daniels TE
    8 Eagles D/ST
    9 Santana Moss WR
    10 Michael Bush RB
    11 Reggie Bush RB
    12 Kyle Orton QB
    13 Ladainian Tomlinson RB
    14 Robert Meachem WR
    15 Sebastian Janikowski K
    16 Ronnie Brown RB
  2. Dutchrudder

    Dutchrudder King of the Potato People

    Jan 25, 2010
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    What is the starting lineup and what kind of point system do you use?
  3. Ryan

    Ryan THIS YEAR

    Oct 22, 2005
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    Your depth at WR is worrisome. Despite the Eagles looking like a top tier defense, i still think you reached a bit on that one. They usually don't generate enough points for me to consider one before round 10. Team looks pretty solid after that. I'd consider dropping Ronnie Brown in exchange for a WR, although it seems like you picked him up as a handcuff to McCoy. If McCoy got injured, i still don't believe there would be enough production from Ronnie Brown to consider keeping. If there's no one of merit available at WR, just watch around the league carefully, and maybe try to catch a good one.

    My :twocents:
  4. Ckw

    Ckw Guest

    6 point TDs for all. .5 PPR. The rest are standard.

    Starting lineup is:

    QB Ben Roethlisberger
    RB LeSean McCoy
    RB Darren McFadden
    RB/WR Ahmad Bradshaw
    WR Larry Fitzgerald
    WR Mike Williams
    TE Owen Daniels
    D Philadelphia Eagles
    K Sebastian Janikowski

    BN Santana Moss
    BN Reggie Bush
    BN Michael Bush
    BN Robert Meachem
    BN Kyle Orton (hated this pick but he was the best QB available to backup Big Ben in case he went down)
    BN Ronnie Brown
    BN Ladainian Tomlinson

    With the Orton deal, that is one reason I hate my league. The guys go nuts on QBs and EVERYONE drafts a backup. Instead of leaving some guys in the free agent pool to pickup in case injuries occur or bye weeks, ALL the good QBs get drafted. Hell, I drafted Orton in the 12th and Kolb, Cutler, Bradford, Stafford, Flacco, and Eli were already freaking gone. So instead of being left with McNabb or Garrard or one of those guys, I went with Orton who looked great most of last year.

    I actually like my WRs. Fitz pretty much never gets injured (knock on wood) and Williams looked great last year and is a possibility to put up #1 WR numbers. I was thrilled when Santana Moss was still available when I picked him as he looks to get a ton of targets once again this year. Also, Meachem could be a good pick if Colston can't stay healthy. After I drafted Santana, every time I had a WR targeted, someone would snatch him up a pick or two before me. So I decided to try and take best available as opposed to forcing a pick.

    Here are some of the available WRs: Roscoe Parrish, Steve Breaston, Jason Hill, Kevin Walter, Mike Williams Sea, Donald Driver, Arrelious Benn, Emmanuel Sanders, Bernard Berrian, Steve Smith Phi, Earl Bennett (who I thought of drafting and looks to be Cutler's favorite target), Nate Washington, Nate Burleson, Jacoby Jones, Golden Tate, Danario Alexander, etc.

    I struggled over whether or not it as worth it to draft Ronnie Brown. I drafted him in the final round so I figured he was worth a gamble.

    I agree with you in principle on defense, but they kept getting snatched up. Guys in my league are crazy and don't seem to follow conventional draft wisdom. There basically are 4-5 top defenses and after that, they all pretty much are the same. I made it a priority to get one of those top 5 and had to draft Philly when I did. I wanted the Steelers but they freaking went a pick before me in the 7th.

    Thanks for the input!
  5. Dutchrudder

    Dutchrudder King of the Potato People

    Jan 25, 2010
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    I think you'll be competitive with that team. I think your WRs are fine. Fitz is as solid a WR as you can get, and Williams looked good last year against a lot of crappy teams. So while I don't expect Williams to outdo his 2010 season, he should be good for 1000 yards and 6+ TDs. A solid #2 for sure. Your RBs looks good if you think McFadden will stay healthy. I'm not buying the hype on him this year, but I know others are :) I like your backup RBs in Bush and LT. LT had a great streak last year, and I think he's a steal in late rounds. An excellent guy to rotate in for your starter's bye weeks.

    I'm not sold on OD this year as I think Casey is going to steal a lot of targets from him, so you may want to watch week 1 to see if any of the sleeper TEs blow up. I'm watching for guys like Lance Kendricks (STL), Evan Moore (CLE), Kyle Rudolph (MIN), Kevin Boss (OAK), Jermaine Gresham (CIN) and Todd Heap (ARI) to get a lot of targets. I think at least one of these guys will turn out to be a great starter for the year, but I'm waiting for week 1 to show me who.
  6. Ckw

    Ckw Guest

    I'm curious what you guys think I could have done differently. Here is the entire draft.

    I personally think given the shitty draft position I had (I hate being the middle pick as it is WAY too hard to predict who will be there for your next pick so you can plan who to take). I got two RBs that could be top 10 RBs and another one that could be top 15. I have two more RBs (Reggie Bush and LT) that have some potential to have comeback seasons and be good spot starters. I have one of the best backups in the league in Michael Bush (check out his stats when he got the start for McFadden) and he also handcuffs my #2 RB. And to top it off, RB is the most important position.

    I also got a top 5 WR in Larry Fitzgerald and a solid #2 in Mike Williams and a good backup in Santana Moss. If you are going to grade my draft a C, at least say what I should have done differently. Personally, I'm thrilled with my draft.

    I guess you guys are too used to seeing posts by people with leagues filled with complete id!ots. Pretty much all the guys in my league do their research and know who the hot commodities are, so it isn't as easy as it is in other leagues. I personally love my draft.

    Round: 1
    (1) Panama Red - Adrian Peterson RB
    (2) Cox and Balls - Chris Johnson RB
    (3) Boston TeaBaggers - Aaron Rodgers QB
    (4) S H O C K and A W E - Arian Foster RB
    ** (5) One Man Wolfpack - LeSean McCoy RB
    (6) Team Louis - Michael Vick QB
    (7) Dumpster Divers - Drew Brees QB
    (8) Early Woody Release - Ray Rice RB
    (9) Gunner Greatness - Jamaal Charles RB
    (10) - Phuk-n-a - Maurice Jones-Drew RB

    Round: 2
    (11) - Phuk-n-a - Andre Johnson WR
    (12) Gunner Greatness - Tom Brady QB
    (13) Early Woody Release - Hakeem Nicks WR
    (14) Dumpster Divers - Rashard Mendenhall RB
    (15) Team Louis - Roddy White WR
    ** (16) One Man Wolfpack - Larry Fitzgerald WR
    (17) S H O C K and A W E - Philip Rivers QB
    (18) Boston TeaBaggers - Michael Turner RB
    (19) Cox and Balls - Greg Jennings WR
    (20) Panama Red - Vincent Jackson WR

    Round: 3
    (21) Panama Red - Tony Romo QB
    (22) Cox and Balls - Matt Schaub QB
    (23) Boston TeaBaggers - Frank Gore RB
    (24) S H O C K and A W E - Mike Wallace WR
    ** (25) One Man Wolfpack - Darren McFadden RB
    (26) Team Louis - Calvin Johnson WR
    (27) Dumpster Divers - Steven Jackson RB
    (28) Early Woody Release - Knowshon Moreno RB
    (29) Gunner Greatness - Peyton Hillis RB
    (30) - Phuk-n-a - Matt Forte RB

    Round: 4
    (31) - Phuk-n-a - Peyton Manning QB
    (32) Gunner Greatness - Reggie Wayne WR
    (33) Early Woody Release - Antonio Gates TE
    (34) Dumpster Divers - Miles Austin WR
    (35) Team Louis - DeAngelo Williams RB
    ** (36) One Man Wolfpack - Ahmad Bradshaw RB
    (37) S H O C K and A W E - Jahvid Best RB
    (38) Boston TeaBaggers - Dez Bryant WR
    (39) Cox and Balls - Dwayne Bowe WR
    (40) Panama Red - Felix Jones RB

    Round: 5
    (41) Panama Red - LeGarrette Blount RB
    (42) Cox and Balls - DeSean Jackson WR
    (43) Boston TeaBaggers - Marques Colston WR
    (44) S H O C K and A W E - Dallas Clark TE
    ** (45) One Man Wolfpack - Mike Williams WR
    (46) Team Louis - Beanie Wells RB
    (47) Dumpster Divers - Jeremy Maclin WR
    (48) Early Woody Release - Matt Ryan QB
    (49) Gunner Greatness - BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
    (50) - Phuk-n-a - Santonio Holmes WR

    Round: 6
    (51) - Phuk-n-a - Jason Witten TE
    (52) Gunner Greatness - Brandon Lloyd WR
    (53) Early Woody Release - Shonn Greene RB
    (54) Dumpster Divers - Kenny Britt WR
    (55) Team Louis - Wes Welker WR
    ** (56) One Man Wolfpack - Ben Roethlisberger QB
    (57) S H O C K and A W E - Percy Harvin WR
    (58) Boston TeaBaggers - Steve Johnson WR
    (59) Cox and Balls - Jonathan Stewart RB
    (60) Panama Red - Jermichael Finley TE

    Round: 7
    (61) Panama Red - Anquan Boldin WR
    (62) Cox and Balls - Vernon Davis TE
    (63) Boston TeaBaggers - Cedric Benson RB
    (64) S H O C K and A W E - Steelers D/ST D/ST
    ** (65) One Man Wolfpack - Owen Daniels TE
    (66) Team Louis - Packers D/ST D/ST
    (67) Dumpster Divers - Ryan Mathews RB
    (68) Early Woody Release - Mario Manningham WR
    (69) Gunner Greatness - Brandon Marshall WR
    (70) - Phuk-n-a - Marshawn Lynch RB

    Round: 8
    (71) - Phuk-n-a - Ryan Grant RB
    (72) Gunner Greatness - Marcedes Lewis TE
    (73) Early Woody Release - Matthew Stafford QB
    (74) Dumpster Divers - Fred Jackson RB
    (75) Team Louis - Josh Freeman QB
    ** (76) One Man Wolfpack - Eagles D/ST D/ST
    (77) S H O C K and A W E - James Starks RB
    (78) Boston TeaBaggers - Jets D/ST D/ST
    (79) Cox and Balls - Eli Manning QB
    (80) Panama Red - Tim Hightower RB

    Round: 9
    (81) Panama Red - Chad Ochocinco WR
    (82) Cox and Balls - Ravens D/ST D/ST
    (83) Boston TeaBaggers - Joe Flacco QB
    (84) S H O C K and A W E - Austin Collie WR
    ** (85) One Man Wolfpack - Santana Moss WR
    (86) Team Louis - Mark Ingram RB
    (87) Dumpster Divers - Kellen Winslow TE
    (88) Early Woody Release - Julio Jones WR
    (89) Gunner Greatness - Bears D/ST D/ST
    (90) - Phuk-n-a - Mike Thomas WR

    Round: 10
    (91) - Phuk-n-a - Lance Moore WR
    (92) Gunner Greatness - Pierre Thomas RB
    (93) Early Woody Release - Patriots D/ST D/ST
    (94) Dumpster Divers - Falcons D/ST D/ST
    (95) Team Louis - Jimmy Graham TE
    ** (96) One Man Wolfpack - Michael Bush RB
    (97) S H O C K and A W E - Plaxico Burress WR
    (98) Boston TeaBaggers - Neil Rackers K
    (99) Cox and Balls - Sidney Rice WR
    (100) Panama Red - Sam Bradford QB

    Round: 11
    (101) Panama Red - Mike Sims-Walker WR
    (102) Cox and Balls - Jay Cutler QB
    (103) Boston TeaBaggers - Zach Miller TE
    (104) S H O C K and A W E - Mike Tolbert RB
    ** (105) One Man Wolfpack - Reggie Bush RB
    (106) Team Louis - A.J. Green WR
    (107) Dumpster Divers - Joseph Addai RB
    (108) Early Woody Release - Pierre Garcon WR
    (109) Gunner Greatness - Steve Smith WR
    (110) - Phuk-n-a - Jordy Nelson WR

    Round: 12
    (111) - Phuk-n-a - Kevin Kolb QB
    (112) Gunner Greatness - Daniel Thomas RB
    (113) Early Woody Release - C.J. Spiller RB
    (114) Dumpster Divers - Johnny Knox WR
    (115) Team Louis - Willis McGahee RB
    ** (116) One Man Wolfpack - Kyle Orton QB
    (117) S H O C K and A W E - Nate Kaeding K
    (118) Boston TeaBaggers - Braylon Edwards WR
    (119) Cox and Balls - Brandon Jacobs RB
    (120) Panama Red - Danny Amendola WR

    Round: 13
    (121) Panama Red - Ben Tate RB
    (122) Cox and Balls - Josh Brown K
    (123) Boston TeaBaggers - Roy Williams WR
    (124) S H O C K and A W E - Matt Cassel QB
    ** (125) One Man Wolfpack - LaDainian Tomlinson RB
    (126) Team Louis - Rob Bironas K
    (127) Dumpster Divers - Ryan Torain RB
    (128) Early Woody Release - Danny Woodhead RB
    (129) Gunner Greatness - Saints D/ST D/ST
    (130) - Phuk-n-a - Deion Branch WR

    Round: 14
    (131) - Phuk-n-a - Chargers D/ST D/ST
    (132) Gunner Greatness - Malcom Floyd WR
    (133) Early Woody Release - Kendall Hunter RB
    (134) Dumpster Divers - Chiefs D/ST D/ST
    (135) Team Louis - James Jones WR
    ** (136) One Man Wolfpack - Robert Meachem WR
    (137) S H O C K and A W E - Greg Olsen TE
    (138) Boston TeaBaggers - Brandon Pettigrew TE
    (139) Cox and Balls - Ricky Williams RB
    (140) Panama Red - Mason Crosby K

    Round: 15
    (141) Panama Red - Lee Evans WR
    (142) Cox and Balls - Lions D/ST D/ST
    (143) Boston TeaBaggers - Thomas Jones RB
    (144) S H O C K and A W E - Davone Bess WR
    ** (145) One Man Wolfpack - Sebastian Janikowski K
    (146) Team Louis - Jacoby Ford WR
    (147) Dumpster Divers - Stephen Gostkowski K
    (148) Early Woody Release - Hines Ward WR
    (149) Gunner Greatness - Mark Sanchez QB
    (150) - Phuk-n-a - Michael Crabtree WR

    Round: 16
    (151) - Phuk-n-a - Billy Cundiff K
    (152) Gunner Greatness - John Kasay K
    (153) Early Woody Release - Jay Feely K
    (154) Dumpster Divers - Jerome Simpson WR
    (155) Team Louis - Tony Gonzalez TE
    ** (156) One Man Wolfpack - Ronnie Brown RB
    (157) S H O C K and A W E - Roy Helu RB
    (158) Boston TeaBaggers - Giants D/ST D/ST
    (159) Cox and Balls - Phillip Tanner RB
    (160) Panama Red - Texans D/ST D/ST
  7. Dutchrudder

    Dutchrudder King of the Potato People

    Jan 25, 2010
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    I like Charles and Rice more than McCoy this year, but that's just me.
  8. dc_txtech

    dc_txtech Subscribed Contributor

    Sep 14, 2005
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    Round Rock
    I like it.

    Really solid picks until the 8th round IMO. I see where you're coming from with everyone in the league going for D early but if it were me I would just point, laugh, and grab whatever is left. Last year I grabbed SD off waivers and they were a top 5 D. Year before that I picked up GB and I believe they were a top 3 defense that season.

    I personally like your depth. I think Moss is going to catch 100 balls this season and probably put up slightly better yards and TD numbers. Meachem is a late round flyer with high upside, I hear he is healthy for the first time in years and he's on a top passing offense. With Colston coming off his 3rd ACL repair I would say that makes Meachem a great value in the 14th round.

    I think your RB's are ok, McCoy and Bradshaw should be work horses for you and if Run DMC can finally put together a complete season you could have quite the 3 headed monster. The two Bushes could prove to be surprises this season but I'm not a big fan of LT (or any other RB over 32).

    Big Ben should be fine for you and I wouldn't be worried about Orton as your backup QB. If he comes out sucking this season then keep an eye on the waivers.

    I gave it a B. If not for the early drafting of a defense it might have been an A.
  9. Ckw

    Ckw Guest

    Yeah, I struggled with that. I had Charles last year and with him and Foster, I won my fantasy league. But I actually had McCoy rated as my #3 running back simply because of his ability to catch the ball. He catches more passes than any other back which is valuable in a PPR even if it is only .5 PPR.

    I still am struggling with the decision as I had Rice and McCoy neck and neck. I just went with my gut and went McCoy. We'll see if my gut was right.

    Thanks man. Rep to both of you.

    Once again, I agree with you in principle on the defense. I probably should have waited but honestly didn't see anyone else I wanted that I didn't think would be there later on. Sadly, I turned out to be wrong as I missed out on Hightower, Flacco, Ingram, and Bradford.

    In some ways, I hate the league I'm in because not only does EVERYONE draft a backup QB, but they all seem to draft backup defenses too, which I think is ridiculous. All that is left on the waiver wire, had I not drafted a defense, is San Francisco, Bengals, Cowboys, Raiders, Rams, Cardinals, Redskins, Vikings, and a few other crappy teams. I too picked up the Chargers on waivers last year, and they did well for me. I just don't see any teams this year that could be the surprise team. 49ers are a maybe. We'll see I guess.

    Curious who you would have drafted, with who all was available, in the 8th. Hightower?
  10. Ckw

    Ckw Guest

    Man, I really should have made the poll visible. Someone gave me an F? Wonder what it is I did so bad in their opinion. I have starters at every single position.

    McCoy was a top 10 back. Bradshaw was top 15. McFadden averaged the 2nd most points for any back not named Arian Foster last season. Fitzgerald is a top 5 WR again now that he has an actual QB. OD is a potential top 5 TE. Roesthlisberger was a top 5 QB last year (average points per game if you subtract out the 4 games he missed).

    If you are going to give it an F, at least post why.

  11. dc_txtech

    dc_txtech Subscribed Contributor

    Sep 14, 2005
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    Round Rock
    Prolly just trolling, nobody who knew anything about FF would grade that draft an F.

    As for what I would do differently, yeah I would have been all over Hightower like Ron Dayne on a cheeseburger. But I just do not believe in drafting D early, there is a list of probably 20+ guys I would have taken instead there, Hightower, OchoCinco, Ingram, Julio Jones, etc...

    Also no way I could have passed on Megatron in the 3rd. That's just me though, doesn't mean I'm going to be right.
  12. Ckw

    Ckw Guest

    Yeah I was really hurting over the Megatron pick. I love the guy and really considered drafting him, but I felt the depth at starting rb was a lot weaker than at starting wr. I counted like 15 wideouts at my pick in the 3rd that I was ok with being my starter compared to only about 6 running backs I was high on.

    If I had it to do over again, I would have drafted Hightower in the 8th. I thought he'd make it to the 9th the way the draft was going and that the good Ds were about to get snatched up. I also would have gone Gore in the 2nd and Megatron in the 3rd. A healthy Frank Gore is a top 3-5 fantasy back. I just figured all the #1 WRs would be gone by the 3rd so I went with my 3rd ranked wideout in Fitz.

    Still, I'm happy with it and have the depth at RB to make a trade should I need to. I tried to go best available, based on my draft board, in just about every round. I didn't look much at my position needs or anything for the most part. Just straight best available. I feel it is a definite B and a possible A.
  13. dc_txtech

    dc_txtech Subscribed Contributor

    Sep 14, 2005
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    Round Rock
    You know what they say about hindsight, overall you gotta feel good about that draft though.

    What's up with the team name Cox and Balls? That was my team name in my money league last year, the year before that Pandora's Cox, and this year School of Hard Cox. Lol, I think your guy might be stealing my team name mojo.
  14. Ckw

    Ckw Guest


    Cox is the guy's last name. He has called his team Cox and Balls like every year we have played. Not very creative compared to the ones you came up with.
  15. Brandon420tx

    Brandon420tx Flounder

    Apr 29, 2006
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    Albuquerque, NM
    I give it a B-, for some of the reasons already given. Like you said about the first 3 rounds of my draft, I repeat the same to you. Its absolutely rediculous McFadden was available in the middle of round 3 in a PPR league. Even if it is .5 PPR. Turner, Vincent Jackson, and Mike Wallace all went too early IMO. Having the luxury of choosing between LeSean McCoy and Ray Rice at pick 5 is a gift. Honestly there is no wrong pick there, even though I have Ray Rice rated higher, Lesean McCoy is really freaking close. I would have got with Santana Moss 1 round earlier, but it didn't matter cuz you got him later anyway, so thats another bump in points.

    I knocked you for the Defense, Meacham, Owen Daniels, and LT. I'll take flack for saying it, but here are my reasons. The Defense stick has been beaten to death already. Buuuut, if you had taken the 9ers you would have had a great week 1 matchup (Seahawks and Tavaris Jackson), The Cardinals also have an easy opening schedule. The guy who took the Texans will probably be playing the DEF waiver wire game all season long too, you too could have fun trying to out waiver wire each other.

    Meacham. I know with Colston being hurt, (as well as some other receivers) Meacham is the sexy play in NO, but saints WR's are too unpredictable to rely on IMO. The first target in the NO offense this year is going to be the TE Jimmy Graham. Followed by the Running backs, the you have a crapshoot at which WR Brees is in love with during this particular game. I personally would pick up Earl Bennett.

    Owen Daniels. I'm not knocking Owen as a fantasy player, I think he'll have a great season points wise. I'm down on the pick you used for him. With other draftable TE's still on the board, you could have waited on Owens Talent, or at the very least gotten a Jimmy Graham or even Brandon Pettigrew waaay later. Even kept an eye on Lance Kendricks.
    The TE position was so deep this season that I actually knocked all TE's down a few pegs on my draft board.

    LT- Stick a fork in him, he's about to be done. He'll be worth playing at the beginning of the season, but only as a bye replacement, after about week 8 or so I'm expecting him to be a non factor. Watch the waiver wire and get a replacement when you can
  16. Ckw

    Ckw Guest

    Thanks man. Rep your way. Great breakdown.

    Only comments I will make is I personally don't see how you can knock someone for a 14th round pick. Those guys are complete gambles anyway. There aren't really any sure things in the late rounds. Same goes for LT, although he was picked a bit higher than Meachem. But think of it this way if he can play and get me some Ws (which he will only play if I have some major injuries) in the first few weeks, then I'd consider the pick a success. Once again, the late round pick is a gamble. Even small victories (like early season wins) make the late picks worth it.

    You are the first to mention the OD pick as a negative. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I picked him because at that point, I had starters at every position except defense and kicker and figured he was worth a shot. If he is healthy and plays well, he is a top 5 TE. He is our #2 option and has the potential to put up top 3 fantasy numbers. If Clark is without Manning, then OD, Vernon Davis, and Witten are pretty much in a dead heat for the #2 spot behind Gates (since Finley is never healthy). I guess I could have had Ryan Matthews or Mario Manningham which may have been a better decision.

    Oh and I agree with you about McFadden. I was ecstatic when he was there in the 3rd. McCoy, McFadden, and Fitz are a VERY solid core in a PPR league. Probably one of the best cores in PPR format.
  17. Brandon420tx

    Brandon420tx Flounder

    Apr 29, 2006
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    Albuquerque, NM
    Actually I want to change my grade to a B+, If C is average you clearly had an above average draft.
  18. Ckw

    Ckw Guest

    Curious what made you change your grade. Thanks for all your tips too. I look forward to continuing the discussion throughout the season.

    After tonight, I am cautiously optimistic about the Meachem pick. He seemed to be Brees' favorite target tonight and looked good in the process. 5 catches, 70 yards and a TD. Too early to say that he will be a good spot starter, but I like what I saw from him tonight.
  19. Brandon420tx

    Brandon420tx Flounder

    Apr 29, 2006
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    Albuquerque, NM
    Nothing really, I just put what a C grade to me would be in perspective, and though I jumped a little on the B- Grade
  20. Ckw

    Ckw Guest

    Well, I just took one of my low draft choices, Robert Meachem, and turned him into Joe Flacco. The guy I traded with had Marques Colston and also had injuries to his other WRs as well as Aaron Rodgers as his QB, so the trade seemed to work perfectly for both of us. I am a bit concerned about Roesthlisberger (his offensive lineman are dropping like flies), so I really wanted a better backup than Kyle Orton. I now have a legit backup/starter in Flacco.

    My team now looks like this:

    QB: Big Ben, Joe Flacco
    RB: LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden, Ahmad Bradshaw, Reggie Bush, Darren Sproles, Ladainian Tomlinson, Michael Bush
    WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Williams, Santana Moss
    TE: Owen Daniels, Aaron Hernandez
    K: Sebastian Janikowski
    D: Philadelphia Eagles

    Thoughts? I am now admittedly weak (as far as depth) at WR, so I probably should drop a RB to get another WR. Any ideas on who I should drop as well as who I should pick up?

    Here are some available WRs: Nate Burleson, Jabar Gaffney, Eric Decker, Eddie Royal, Devin Hester, Earl Bennett, Jacoby Jones, Nate Washington, Anthony Armstrong, Dexter McCluster, etc.

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