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    Something to offset the Pac-Mans, Mike Vicks, and Chris Henrys of the world....

    Nice to see a player getting some good press for good works off of the field.

    Bucs running back Warrick Dunn returned to Tampa Bay two months ago and carried his well-known heart with him.

    Dunn did not waste anytime reviving his passion of making homeownership for single parents in this area possible. Through the Warrick Dunn Foundation's "Home for the Holidays" program, three families received down-payment assistance on Tuesday within the span of 31/2 hours. To date, Dunn has assisted 77 single parents, along with 201 children and dependents, move into a home.

    Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership fully provided all the home furnishing for each home, while Prudential Tropical Realty has given more than $300,000 in financial support.

    "If anyone really knows me, and knows about my life, my mom was my best friend," said Dunn, who gives away homes to honor Betty Smothers, his mother and former police officer who was killed in 1993. "She meant everything to me in this world. To be able to live out her legacy, I'm just really honored."

    Here are the early Mother's Day gifts Dunn provided for three Bay area families....

    It's worth clicking on the link and reading the rest of the story. Heck of a man.

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