Anger and Realism

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by jacquescas, Sep 19, 2005.

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    Ok after reading the posts here and watching the games i've come to the conclusion that everyone calling for Carr's head needs to calm down. First of all there is no QB available in free agency and the next best prospect we could start that has a legitamate shot to lead this team anywhere would be Ragone and i dont think he can beat out Carr right now. Putting Banks in at best would be a good 1 year stop gap, then we still dont know what we have with Carr.

    We gotta finish this year with Carr at the end of the year we will know a little more what we have. But to make a change now when we have no clear alternative isn't right, and when we still dont know what we have ourselves, how many of us would kick ourselves if we dump carr, the Ravens pick him up and he takes them to the playoffs and makes probowl appearances etc. we need to know that if and when we dump him he is truly done.

    Obviously the 3 seasons of getting hit have affected him. I have never seen him so aware of the pass rush and seen him run from the pocket so quickly even when it wasn't collapsing on him. The question is can these mistakes be fixed or is the damage irrepreble. Hopefully what all this is is our offense going up against the top 2 defenses from last year, and we will make a jump starting in week 4 once we deal with lesser defense.
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    At this point it doesn't matter who you put at QB. The foundation of this offense is broken and whatever QB we put in there is going to get pounded, develop happy feet, get scared of the rush, and start bailing out of plays too soon. Fix the protection schemes, with or without personnel changes, please. If you're practicing a 3-step drop all off-season, isn't that sort of like having the O-line mail it in?
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    Why would the Ravens want another Kyle Boller

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