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    Well, I am not a film nut and base most of my picks off of scouting reports I read and thinking about our teams needs. Some of these picks might be gone by the time we pick, but I´ve tried to only pick guys that have a (at least slight) realistic chance to be there. So here we go:

    1. Greg Robinson OT

    I´d have loved to trade down here - and I am a Bridgewater guy, but there seems to be too many question marks around him, so I take the safe pick. The best OT in the class. Let`s build our O-Line. Robinson would instantly be the best RT since Winston (and probably at the end of the season the best we ever had). He is great insurrance for D. Brown and can take over when Browns contract is up.

    2. CJ Mosley ILB

    He might not be available, but several scouts expect him to drop out of the first round. He is a smart guy that does everything well, can defend the pass or the run. You can put him next to Cushing and we are set at ILB - but there are some injury concerns. Still, I love his talent and would really like to add him to our defense.

    3. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE

    Again, he might not be available, but some scouts have him dropping to the third. With the departure of OD we probably want to add a real weapon to our TE core. Seferian-Jenkins has excellent size, speed and quickness and isn`t a bad blocker either. He would really add another dimension to our passing attack.

    4. Aaron Murray, QB

    Like I said, I´m a Bridgewater guy - outside of him, I didn`t really like any QB enough to spend a pick on. So I go with a risky, developemental guy. Again, injury concerns, he is smallish for a QB. But he seems to be a great competitor and a great teammate that has the arm, the legs, the eyes and the heart of a franchise QB. I´d say he is a guy you can take a flyer on.

    5. Brent Urban, DE

    A monster at the line of scrimmage at blocking passes. With him and Watt, QBs will have nightmares. At 6´7 he is a huge guy that lacks some pass rushing skill. But in Crenells 3-4, the DE usually has other priorities. He can eat up blockers and deflect passes, and that could be really valueable for us!

    5b. DeAnthony Thomas, RETURNER

    He can play HB and WR and he can take over all returning dutys. He is a tough little guy that is lightning fast - and he can hold on to the abll. Too much potential to pass up.

    6. Ryan Carrethers, NT

    He is the space eater many Texans fans wanted for so long. He is big and he can hold up well against double teams. Not really a big tackler, but that won`t be his job here anyways.

    6b. Storm Johnson, HB

    Who wouldn`t love a HB named Storm? He was the main feature of Blake Bortles Central Florida Knights. He has strength, quickness, decent speed and good receiving skills - could be a sleeper HB.

    7. Tyler Starr, OLB

    A quick and strong guy with prototypical height and funky long hair. His potential is huge, though he played against low competition.

    Edit: Ah, damn... posted it in the wrong forum. Could anyone move it to the mock draft section?
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    I like it. Be nice if Mosely, ASJ, & Murray were to fall to us like that. I could get behind this kind of haul. I think we'rre going to be competitive anyway, because our opponents have their own holes & changes to deal with, same as us. But a haul like that could really give us a good start on the 2015 offseason.

    But Murray's size. His height & weight combo... I wouldn't be concerned with injuries. I'm more worried about him finding passing lanes to throw & be able to see the field.
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    Great draft. No way Smith does this good. Love every single player where you have them except DeAnthony Thomas. Not a fan of his. Tyler Starr is a player I like in the 7th or as a UDFA. Like him as a developmental player. He is really raw and tends to over run plays and miss open field tackles but I think he could have a future as a pass rush specialist.
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    This would be an amazing haul but half of these guys won't be available where you have us selecting them. But we can dream can't we?
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    Now you know you had me at Robinson.

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