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    Football isn’t always pretty. Sometimes a quarterback will throw an ugly pass, a cornerback will bite on a double move, or a linebacker will whiff on a block.

    It’s these mistakes that make football, football. And it’s these mistakes (and plenty more) that make mere NFL players, contenders for our ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of the week.

    With that in mind we’ve got a man who went viral this week along with some backups pressed into significant action, and just for good measure, some big name All-Pro types mixed in.

    What more do you need to know? Let’s get into it.


    Quarterback: Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos (-4.3)

    Enough has already been said about that performance, but suffice to say it was bad. Real bad. Tebow wasn’t helped with three drops, but even excluding those (and three throwaways) he still had the second lowest completion percentage on the week.

    Running Back: Chris Ogbonnaya, Cleveland Browns (-5.5)

    That was a great advert for re-signing Peyton Hillis. Immediately. Just 3.4 yards per carry, a dropped pass and a couple of sacks given up in pass protection. The complete performance.

    Fullback: Jim Dray, Arizona Cardinals (-2.6)

    Dray is a back up tight end and special teamer. He showed it when pressed into playing fullback for the Cardinals.

    Tight End: Daniel Graham, Tennessee Titans (-3.2)

    Struggling with consistency in your run blocking? Drop a pass? Well you have what it takes to make our Bad Day Team.

    Wide Receivers: Andre Roberts, Arizona Cardinals (-2.7) and Greg Little, Cleveland Browns (-2.5)

    Roberts’ stat line says it all. Thrown at three times, no receptions, and two dropped passes. At least Little picked up 40 yards, but it took him 10 targets to do so. He also put two balls on the ground.

    Tackles: Marcus McNeil, San Diego Chargers (-6.6) and Barry Richardson, Kansas City Chiefs (-9.9)

    Halloween provided us with two scary offensive tackles displays. McNeil gave up six penalties in the one game, three times as many as he did in the entirety of last year. Richardson managed to trump him without the need for flags. He got killed in the run game.

    Guards: Will Montgomery, Washington Redskins (-5.5) and John Moffit, Seattle Seahawks (-10.7)

    Montgomery was just one of the weak links on a terrible Redskins offensive line. Guards aren’t meant to give up a sack, a hit and four pressures. Still, that was better than the sack, two hits and six hurries Moffit gave up. That was a brutal performance.

    Center: David Baas, New York Giants (-3.8)

    Baas actually earned a positive grade with his pass blocking. That’s how bad his run blocking was. Paul Soliai will do that to you.


    4-3 Defensive Front

    Defensive Ends: Dave Ball, Tennessee Titans (-1.8) and Jabaal Sheard, Cleveland Browns (-2.2)

    Our two defensive ends combined for a not-terrible five pressures. So what gives? Well, Ball’s pressure took plenty of rushes to generate, and Sheard had a shocker in run defense. So there.

    Defensive Tackle: Ronald Fields, Carolina Panthers (-3.4) and Kevin Williams, Minnesota Vikings (-3.1)

    I never thought I’d see the day where Kevin Williams made this team. Fields? Not so much of a surprise. Minnesota at Carolina was hardly a great day for defensive tackles, with three other DTs also grading negatively.

    Linebackers: Rob Ninkovich, New England Patriots (-6.0), Wesley Woodyard, Denver Broncos (-2.6) and Gary Guyton, New England Patriots (-4.5)

    Two New England linebackers make this and if you saw the space they gave Pittsburgh to work underneath you’d understand. Add in some terrible work in run defense, and Ninkovich being a near non-factor rushing the passer and we have a couple of easy selections for this team. Woodyard is a situational middle linebacker, but saw 43 snaps against the Lions. He might play himself out of that role with more displays like that one.

    3-4 Defensive Front

    Defensive Line: Darnell Dockett, Arizona Cardinals (-6.1), Shaun Cody, Houston Texans (-1.9) and Jason Hatcher, Dallas Cowboys (-3.3)

    Our two starting defensive ends had a pressure each, and Hatcher even managed four tackles, but all bar one came after the ball carrier had picked up a chunk of yardage. Dockett was just manhandled throughout his encounter with the right side of the Ravens’ line. You get the feeling trying to play Cody as a nose tackle is going to come back to hurt the Texans one of these days.

    Outside Linebackers: Clark Haggans, Arizona Cardinals (-3.4) and Anthony Spencer, Dallas Cowboys (-3.0)

    After a strong start to the season Haggans is reverting to type. He picked up three pressures, but when the opposition passes more than 50 times what do you expect? Spencer didn’t pick up a single pressure, and looks far removed from the player primed to breakout in 2009.

    Inside Linebackers: Keith Brooking, Dallas Cowboys (-6.4) and Bradie James, Dallas Cowboys (-3.0)

    This is what life looks like without Sean Lee. Missed tackles (two) and touchdowns given up.

    Cornerbacks: A.J. Jefferson, Arizona Cardinals (-4.0) and Marcus Gilchrist, San Diego Chargers (-2.3)

    Our two cornerbacks combined to give up 15 receptions for 283 yards and a touchdown. Jefferson will be having Anquan Boldin shaped nightmares for days to come.

    Safeties: James Ihedigbo, New England Patriots (-3.3) and Bernard Pollard, Baltimore Ravens (-2.0)

    Ihedigbo looked lost in coverage and missed two tackles, while Pollard seems to be pushing for a situational role.
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