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    If I were a neutral, I'd want Andre to leave the Texans, and even as a die-hard fan, a small part of me wishes the guy were playing somewhere where his unique talents had the slightest possibility of reaping rewards.

    He renegotiated his contract ensuring that the Texans would get the lion's share of his peak years. Sadly it's very unlikely that he'll ever get to experience a Super bowl or AFC championship game with the Texans. Heck a solitary play-off game looks a distinct long-shot right now.

    This guy puts his body on the line week in week out. He's humble, respectful, and in my mind he's without a doubt the best all-round receiver in the game today. For someone with such a terrific attitude and skill set to be so meekly rewarded is a crying shame. Can you imagine what a worldwide superstar this guy would be if he played on a team with the slightest chance of being successful.

    That this guy puts his body on the line every week, never flinches from a challenge and gives 100% effort when its so obviously futile speaks far greater of his character than I ever could.
  2. Polo

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    Self pity will get you no where...

    I want A.J. because he gives us a better shot at winning...

    I have lost a little interest in the Texans, but now is not the time to start feeling sorry for highly paid athletes...

    I want A.J. right here, but even more than that I want his teammates and coaches to start performing better....

    3 or 4 years down the road if it's still the same ol' song, then let the man chase his ring...
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    I have to admit that it is hard to watch one of the best receivers in the league suffer through some pretty horrendous seasons with the Texans. However, I cannot imagine how pathetic we would be without him (similar to our defense with Mario)...
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    Let's not loose site in a couple of things... AJ makes millions and millions of dollars putting his body on the line for us and as a member of this team, he bares just as much responsiblity as anyone else on this team. Don't get me wrong, If there were any of these overpriced atheletes who deserve a chance to be a champion, it's Dre, but don't feel sorry for him. Maybe, he needs to let his words ring as loud as his actions and become vocal as a leader of this team. I doubt that will happen, but this is a team sport and I sick and tired of waiting to see what free agent we bring in or rookie we sign to be the next vocal leader of this team. He has been here as long as anyone (almost) and needs to project his leadership on his team and ensure his teammates step up with him. I HATE to see these teams like the Lakers and Celtics (sorry for the basketball reference) who put together these "dream teams" of players who couldn't get their teams to the top only to join together to get their trophies. It gives the media giants something to yack about, but makes me yawn compaired to teams that come from left field against the odds and win it all. Just my 2 cents....
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    Frankly, I was stunned when Andre extended his contract here. Once I thought about it it made sense though. He could have played out the remaining years on his original contract and then cashed in big, but given the life of an NFL player a career ending injury was a very real threat. It was a sound financial decision to take the extra $30M then when it was available.

    Most of the time I think that players who sign a contract should play them out to the best of their abilities, especially the guaranteed ones in other major sports.

    However, the NFL is different and my cynicism grows every year. The teams can cut a player and not be held accountable for the original length/value of the contract and they do so all the time. I think the NFL owners/front offices/coaches have very little loyalty to most players, and I don't think the players should feel any special loyalty to them. Teams cut players under contract all the time.

    If the Texans finish with four wins or something like that and Andre asks them to release him, I won't be surprised and I hope they do. It's not like the team has proven it can be competitive with good teams for more than a couple of games per season with him anyway.

    This isn't out of a sense of pity for a multi-millionaire or anything like that. I think Andre Johnson is a class guy and he only has one career. I'd like to see him play for a team that knows what real success is and pursues it. I don't like watching a unique talent wasted because of incompetence all around it.
  6. Norg

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    Mar 25, 2008
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    No wway we cant lose AJ

    besides i think hes happy here hes got a Starter spot with no compention and if hes so good he should play his best football here and make This team "His" team better
  7. mattieuk

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    I love every time he goes out onto the field with a Texans uniform on, and believe he will be the first member of the Texans Hall of Fame, as he is a Pro-Bowl WR, playing great football at a team which really doesn't have much talent to match him. The loyalty he has shown Houston is fantastic...sure he's paid mega-bucks, and he could probably get a bumper paydeal if he sat out his contract and had gone stardom chasing. Hes a true rolemodel for the kids who watch NFL football, and my only regret is that he doesn't get the recognition he deserves, or the press attention, as people see too much T.O. and Chad on TV (as amusing as I find the pair).

    And for the record, I believe he will be getting playoff, and championship football during his career, hopefully through the Texans in a few years time.
  8. DerekLee1

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    AJ is absolutely my favorite player in the league right now. But if you could trade him for some sick amount of draft picks - like 2 1's and a 2, I'd be in support of it. This team still has a lot of needs, and WR is not one of them.
  9. gtexan02

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    I love AJ, but I don't care about his "legacy" if its not in a Texans uniform.

    Is it cruel that I woudl rather see him spend his next 5 years playing and losing in Texans red and blue then winning in a Titans uniform?
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    Yeah...I feel so sorry for him. It must be tough wondering where your next meal comes from...if you have a place to sleep...etc...

    Oh wait a minute....that's not HIS problem...what's that? Oh he plays for an NFL team that is not gonna win the Superbowl? Oh my God...that's EVEN WORSE. POOR GUY!:shades:

  11. BigBull17

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    Agreed. I dont know why people keep saying trading him can make us better. 2 #1's arent going to make as much impact as AJ does.

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