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    Doesn't it always seem like the vikings defense is always on the other end of some of the most exciting/history-making/career defining plays/performances in the NFL? I've been thinking about this for a while & when you think about it consider the evidence.

    exhibit A: Tony Dorsetts 99.5 yard run from scrimmage.. nothing else needs to be said. It's considered legendary.

    exhibit B: Steve Young's 48 yard run where he stumbles into the endzone after breaking 2342344 viking defenders tackles; considered career defining.

    exhibit C: Jim Marshall's wrong way TD run. For as good as he was throughout his career, he will be best known for this play; sad but true.

    exhibit D: Jerry Rice lights them up in 95' for 289 yds recieving breaking the MNF record, on the list of a number of jerry rice owned records.

    Exhibit E: The Vick run in 2002 that won the game & set the NFL rushing record for a QB - 171 yds. the mention of his name these days gets the chunks to rise in your throat, but you have to admit, that was an impressive run.

    I feel as if i'm missing some others, but to sum it up, add to these the MNF Antonio Freeman catch & TD & now Favre's TD record, are the football gods against the vikings D or what?

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