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    After all of that Lance Briggs is staying in Chi-town.

    Last year, Bears linebacker Lance Briggs was determined to get out of Chicago. He wanted to step out of middle linebacker Brian Urlacher's shadow.

    "I've talked to Brian about it," Briggs said a year ago. "I'm a competitor and I want the same thing he has. I've learned a lot from Brian as a player and a leader and I eventually want to be 'the man' somewhere. I want to be like him and have everything put on me too. Obviously I'll never be able to do that there.

    "I've played my last snap for them. I'll never play another down for Chicago again."

    And now, after playing plenty of snaps with Chicago in 2007, Briggs has opted to spend another six seasons there.

    As first reported by Brad Biggs of the Chicago Sun-Times, Briggs has agreed to terms on a six-year, $36 million contract with the Bears.

    Jay Glazer of reports that the deal includes approximately $12 million in guaranteed money.

    So why did Briggs return to Chicago? As one media insider explained it, he had no other takers.
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    that bears game should be good

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