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Discussion in 'The National Football League' started by El Tejano, Oct 3, 2008.

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    I was looking at the teams ahead of us. I noticed something that kind of got me feeling better about thinking the season isn't over yet.

    Tennessee has beaten 2-2 Jax, 0-4 Cincy, 0-3 Hou, 1-3 Minn = 3-10

    Jax has beaten 1-2 Indy, and 0-3 Hou = 1-5

    Indy has beaten 1-3 Min =1-3

    We lossed to 3-1 Pitt, 4-0 Tennessee, and 2-2 Jville= 9-3 with opponents at home.

    My point is that the teams ahead of us haven't really played anybody(including us), and we were in the game 6 out of the last 8 quarters of football we played against Tenn and Jvill. On top of this the majority of their wins came at home.
    What I am saying is we can still pull this out. 8 of our last 13 games are at home, and we've done well to win games in our stadium over the last year. We have yet to play our 0fer teams. A win against Indy can make some real things happen for us with the Dolphins, Lions and Colts coming up.

    Keep the faith we can do this!!!!
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  2. The Pencil Neck

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    I'm with you.

    I think we still have a good shot to salvage this season.

    Last year, we had a series of 5 games where we were absolutely horrible: Atlanta, Miami, Jacksonville, Tennessee, San Diego. We made Harrington look like Manning against Atlanta. We should have blown Miami out and barely squeaked out a win. We played the Jags hard for 3 quarters and then got killed in the 4th quarter. We only showed up for 1 quarter against the Titans and then snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Then we looked like a high school team against the Chargers. We still finished up 8-8. After the Charger's game, we came out and beat Oakland and then beat the Saints and looked good doing it.

    Well, this season we started out looking like a HS team. Then played a couple of hard games. If these three games are the worst games of the year, I'll be happy. I think we're going to be fine.
  3. cowbellm00

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    :texflag: I have been screaming this point for the last 2 weeks because I saw this rough start coming, even before the season started and we were to play Baltimore. I knew ( or was hoping for ) if we could win 1, possibly 2 games by week 5 we would have a real good shot at a better season then last year. Isn't it funny how fast everyone throws up their arms and quits when we get a few losses. We have to look at the bigger picture people.
  4. Wolf

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    I guess I am more glass half empty.

    To be the best you have to beat the best and with our 30ish ranked defense or whatever, we aren't getting the job done

    That is what is bugging me..
  5. kastofsna

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    not a lot of separation in 1-3 teams and 3-1 teams, the NFL is all about the parity
  6. Titan "Tack" Fan

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    I like your optimism but this is the NFL - not college football. The Titans are playing the Ravens and Jags, not Montana St. and UC Santa Cruz. ANY NFL team can win and has a good chance to win on any Sunday.

    Look at the Chargers and Pats losing to Miami.

    Your argument doesn't hold much weight. And of course you forget to mention that those combined "3-10" teams have 5 losses to the Titans which actually equals 3-5...

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