Adams Vs Adams...........does Everyone Want Mario's Money????

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    Why have "guidelines" to draft pick slots, if no one feels like they need apply to them?

    Thursday, 07/27/06

    Young may cost Titans
    QB's deal may pass overall No. 1 pick's

    Staff Writer

    The dominos continued to fall Wednesday on completed rookie contracts for the Titans, and now only the two big ones remain — quarterback Vince Young and running back LenDale White.

    The Titans begin training camp Friday in Clarksville.

    Titans General Manager Floyd Reese met again Wednesday with agent Major Adams, who represents Young, and the two sides were nearing agreement on what could be one of the biggest contracts for a rookie in NFL history.

    Reese and Adams are scheduled to meet again today.

    "The NFL works best when there are deadlines and Friday afternoon — or whenever the first practice is — of course is a giant deadline," Reese said. "We are going to try and make it happen."

    Adams, who could not be reached for comment Wednesday night, is believed to be seeking a deal that would be close to — if not surpass — the contract signed by defensive end Mario Williams, the first overall pick. Williams signed a six-year, $54 million deal with the Houston Texans that included $26.5 million in guaranteed money.

    Asked if he and Adams had agreed on money, Reese said it de-pends on the contract's structure "We are working through it," Reese said. "It is not an easy contract. It takes time."



    There's a clusterfudge brewing at the top of round one. Last week, it was reported that Saints running back Reggie Bush believes the team promised him a contract equivalent to the deal signed by Texans defensive end Mario Williams, the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

    Now, the No. 3 guy reportedly wants the same treatment, too.

    Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessean reports that Major Adams, the agent for Titans quarterback Vince Young, is believed to be seeking a contract that would be close to "if not surpass" the $54 million deal with $26.5 million in guaranteed money paid by Houston to Williams.

    It's a bold move for the No. 2 guy -- even bolder for the No. 3.

    But in two respects Young is in a better position to ask for Williams money than Bush. First, Young is a quarterback, and quarterbacks tend to get more in their respective slots in round one than other players. Second, Young is working off of the deal signed in 2005 by Browns receiver Braylon Edwards, who like Young was the third overall pick. Edwards' deal was considered by many to be much better than the contract signed by Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown, last year's No. 2 pick.

    Whether Young succeeds in matching or exceeding Williams will go a long way toward determining whether Bush gets there, too.'s Len Pasquarelli chimes in on the status of the Bush talks, which given Len's cozy relationship with agent Joel Segal might as well be a press release penned in whole or in part by Segal himself. Surely, Bush and the Saints won't reach an accord by Friday, if as Segal (um, Pasquarelli) writes the Saints haven't even made a firm offer yet.

    Stay tuned on this. We've believed all along that Young getting a deal done will be a precursor to Bush signing, since Segal doesn't want Young to end up with a better package than what Segal can get for Bush. Now that Young is reportedly looking to match or pass Williams, we're convinced that Segal won't do the deal until Young does.
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    Well he is our QB of the future and when you think about it, paying a QB more than a DE makes sense. I hope they structure his contract right. I'm ready to see him in two tone blue!
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    and I'm ready to see Mario make him eat dirt!!
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    That's true for FA QB's but generally not for draft picks who are largely slotted. Examples:

    #23 CB Fabian Washington 5 years, $7.8 million ($5.3 million guaranteed)
    #24 QB Aaron Rodgers 5 years, $7.7 million ($5.4 million guaranteed)
    #25 QB Jason Campbell 5 years, $7.5 million ($5.3 million guaranteed)
    #26 OL Chris Spencer 5 years, $7.4 million ($5 million guaranteed)

    #3 WR Larry Fitzgerald 6 years, up to $60 million ($20 million in bonuses)
    #4 QB Phillip Rivers 6 years, $40.5 million ($14.5 million signing bonus)
    #5 FS Sean Taylor 7 years (voidable to 6), up to $40 million (up to $13 million in bonuses)

    #21 DT Vince Wilfork 6 years, $9 million ($6.575 million in bonuses)
    #22 QB JP Losman 5 years, $7.7 million ($5.6 million signing bonus)
    #23 DT Marcus Tubbs 5 years, up to $10 million (signing bonus about $5 million)
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    I am just ready to see VY period ...I would like to see Reggie Bush as well...Despite all the negativity that most Texan fans show towards these two players, I still think that they are both going to shine...Mario will shine too, but in a different way...
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    From my point of view (as a Texan fan), I hope he gets $10M more than Mario ..... less money they have to spend elsewhere .... although throwing the "slotting" out of whack won't be a good thing long term ...

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