Accurate 1st Rd. Mock Draft

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by KeithBulluck53, Apr 15, 2005.

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    nashville, tennessee
    1.San Fran- Aaron Rodgers -Team needs a franchise QB
    2.Miami- Ronnie Brown- GREAT SPEED reminds me of LT
    3.Cleveland-Derrick Johnson Best LB in the Draft with Crennel teamwill look D
    4. Chicago- Braylon Edwards- Good hands team definitly needs a WR
    5. Tampa Bay- Carnell Williams- Could go wideout but likes Caddilac
    6. Tennessee- Mike Williams- Outstanding WR only 2 WR active smart decision
    7. Minnesotta from Oakland- Shawn Merriman-Great size seems likeW. MiGinist
    8. Arizona-Cedric Benson- Great Power team needs him badly
    9. Washington- Alex Barron- RT is a desprate need/ work ethis issues
    10. Detroit- Adam Jones- Him and Dre Bly would make a great package
    11. Dallas- Antrel Rolle- They will be lucky if he falls this far great player
    12. San Diego- Jamaal Brown- In need of a tackle also could look Wideout
    13. Houston- Erasmus James- Hes a stud could be a Great NFL Player
    14. Carolina- Khalif Barnes- He is capable of being the best OL in the Draft
    15. KC- Marlin Jackson- IN NEED of a CB could help their passing defense
    16. NO- Carlos Rodgers- Terrible defense last year rodgers is a solid cb
    17. Cincy-David Pollack- Could be a awesome pick for this team
    18. Minnesotta- Mark Clayton- cowboys need a fast wr could be the steal of the draft.
    19. St. Louis- Justin Miller- A good CB, could help out St.Louis D
    20. Cowboys- Troy Williamson- If Clayton doesnt fall this will be the obvious pick.
    21. Hags- Marcus Spears- Great player, speed at the position
    22. Baltimore- Roddy White- with D-MASE and this stud they should strenghin their receiver core.
    23. Seatlle- Thomas Davis- Solid Safety hits well underated
    24. GB- Matt Roth- Good end the right pick here
    25. Denver- Travis Johnson- Big Guy could be a great DT
    26. NYJ- Shaun Cody- Will help the Dline out a lot good pick
    27. Atlanta- CB- Darrant Williams- Hes a stud. Hes awfuly underated
    28. San Diego- Brodney Pool- not known much but is a solid pick.
    29. Indy- Brandon Browner- Definitly needs to help out their secondary with this pick.
    30. Pittsburgh- Heath Miller- With a awesome TE the offense is getting better by the minute
    31. Philly- Reggie Brown- With recent TO news this should be the right pick for Philly
    32. NE- Corey Webster- Just keep making that D stronger and stronger.
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    A few thoughts:
    -Word out of Miami is Alex Smith will be their pick if they stay put
    -Benson won't fit well in Arizona's WCO, they'll take Rolle if he's there
    -Barron to Washington is new to me, and I kinda like the idea as long as he doesn't end up in Houston :rofl:
    -Why would Detroit take a CB when they have Bly and Fernando Bryant who they gave big contracts to? They're high on Cash as their nickle back also
    -Why would Dallas take a CB when they signed Henry this offseason to team with Newman?
    -Jammal Brown at 12 is a huge reach, they could trade down to 18 and still get him
    -Don't really like the Erasmus James pick --we don't need another injury prone guy on our defense
    -Marlin Jackson won't go before Carlos Rogers
    -Williamson won't fall to 20
    -Spears won't fall to 21
    -Darrent Williams, Brandon Browner, and Corey Webster are all likely 3rd rounders...

    I fairly sure of most of my assessments...That said, all bets are off come April 23rd...
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    maybe he forgot the in before the accurate :heh:

    D-Rek, maybe we should start our own draft services, think anyone would read it.....not. frankly I can't wait until the draft, lets rock n roll :bguitar:
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    Nice effort. Mocks are not easy to do. But, where is Demarcus Ware? He HAS to be a first rd pick, and is very likely to go by #13. Corey Webster makes sense for NE. I doubt seriousely he last to the third. Other than that, my thoughts pretty much echo D-Rek.
  5. Huge

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    Out yonder way...
    Alex Smith?
  6. DoCt3rJ

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    Dallas would take a corner cause #1 - Newman was horrible last year, #2 - Henry is inconsistent, and #3 - next corner on their list is a undrafted rookie free agent from last year. But your prolly right, they have more pressing needs and have spent enough money at the corner position. I say trade Newman for a high 2nd round pick haha.

    Marlin Jackson could very well go before Carlos Rogers, Jackson has size and speed, and not to long ago he was rated the top corner in the nation.

    Corey Webster was also one of the top rated CB's a few years ago, someone will take him in the second if not a chance on him in the late first. If he falls to 3rd I think hes a steal.

    I agree with everything else though.

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