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    We have been told that the coaches have too much say in the selection of players. We would all like to hear from someone that actually knows which coaches selected which players. Which coaches are responsible for the lack of depth at pretty much all positions?

    A fish rots from the head, and this fish is smelling like it is a GM problem first. The GM is responsible for the coaches, the players and the salary cap...currently all are Major Fails. A restructure of this team will be unsuccessful without a clean sweep of the front office and coaches - and success should not take 5 yrs.

    The hated Cowboys went from the doormat to winning the Super Bowl prior to the current Free Agency...and prior to Jerry Jones ego going totally out of control. Jimmy Johnson was in control of draft and team. Jimmy drafted Troy Aikman to be the QB (we all agree he was pretty good:)), coached him through the rough times and surrounded him with talent, NOT projects. The record tells the tale: 1989: 1W-15L, 9 TD-18 Int; 1990: 7W-9L, 11 TD-18 Int; 1991: 11W-5L, 11 TD-10 Int; 1992 13W-3L, 23 TD- 14 Int - Super Bowl Win. The lack of professionalism at the GM level and the coaching levels of the Cowboys that followed ruined what Jimmy Johnson accomplished. Talented players began losing and they slid into mediocrity.

    Doe Mr. McNair want to be mediocre? Time to hit the reset button and insert accountability and professionalism into the Texans organization.

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