A perfect Monday night performance

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by gtexan02, Dec 1, 2008.

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    Perfect is a subjective term. Sure Rosenfels threw an INT, but it was a normal turnover that a normal QB would make. Sure Pittman blew a snap. Sure we couldn't score from 1st and goal at the 2. But none of that mattered. We totally dominated this game.

    Our offense moved the ball with ease all game.
    We scored 30 points.
    We ran the ball really effectively.
    Slaton and Andre Johnson were beasts.
    Our defense was dominant.
    Williams was a force.
    Reeves played very, very well.

    You can point to the flaws. You can say the defense still gave up 388 yards (it was complete garbage time and we were in the prevent the entire time). But it doesn't matter.

    The city of Houston had a chance in the spotlight and we grabbed it. We EMBARRASSED Jacksonville tonight, and thats exactly what I was hoping for.

    Credit to Kubiak for having our guys pumped up.
    Credit to the players for playing a great game.
    Credit to the ESPN crew for giving us props where we deserved it.
    And credit to the fans for making us look like we were 11-0 going into tonights game.

    Made me proud to be from Houston
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    We had a nice MNF debut.

    We probably coached our best game of the year. Richard Smith probably had his best game althought it was nowhere near perfect. He should still be replaced and I hope he is.

    As for the performance it was more than I could hope for. We are a joke nationally and this and the Thursday night game from last year should do alot toward changing that. It's not like these guys can dog us during games, because we dominate these nationally televised games. That's obviously good.

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    This isn't what you'd call a spectacular win, but we did dominate the game minus garbage time. Unfortunately it was two 4-7 teams playing and not two teams vying for the playoffs like we had hoped. Overall I'm very pleased with our MNF debut. Go Texans!!!
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    Well said (for the most part). :D
    Very proud to be from Houston, and to be a Texans fan.

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