A look ahead at our future(another mock with FA additions)

Discussion in 'College Football & the NFL Draft' started by baba ganoush, Dec 30, 2006.

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    On the first day of the FA period, we put as much effort that we can into getting Nate Clements...after we sign Clements, we should then go after Eric Steinbach; a guard who has played very well for the Bengals, and would upgrade the offensive line...in our pursuit to get Eric Steinbach, I say we look at Deon Grant; I have really liked his play over the past few years, and he would help the defense along with Clements and Robinson...after we get these three guys signed, i think the majority of our FA period would be finished, due to the salary cap...

    Now onto the draft...

    I still think we should take LaRon Landry with our first pick, so we can load up our secondary as much as possible, I also think we would be able to trade down a few spots and would still be able to get him; and hopefully pick up another 3rd rounder...

    With our second pick, I think we should address the RB position; I say we take either Michael Bush or Kenny Irons, its basically your choice of a tough pounder in Bush, or a quicker, cut back type of runner in Irons...

    In the third round, with our first pick, we take Kevin Kolb, I really liked watching him in the Liberty Bowl and with a year or two under Kubiak, this kid could be a real talent for us in the future...with our second pick in the third round (the trade down to get Landry) we take Arron Sears; a tackle/guard from Tennessee, give this kid the chance to earn a spot on the line...

    On day two, go get a linebacker that was a pretty dominant force in college, a wrecking ball type...Justin Warren paired with DeMeco Ryans would be sweeter than ever!!! He doesnt have really good speed, but has just enough to get the job done...

    In the fifth round, look for depth on the defensive line...Conrad Bolston should be good enough to through into the rotation...has decent size and has room to get bigger...

    In the sixth Sergio Gilliam, a giant corner at 6'3" who played at Clemson; this is a pick that adds more depth to our secondary...

    I've never liked Kris Brown, but I guess since he beat Indy, he'll stick around for at least another year, Chad Stanley has really disappointed me this season, so I think we should get rid of him and his mistakes and go after Joe Radigan form Rutgers, I was at the Texas Bowl and watched him warm up by punting the ball 65-70 yards as an average...
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    Matt this is your best mock yet. I can honestly say that I would be happy with every one of these picks. :marionaner:
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    Love the mock and I'm with you in believing that Justin Warren gets no where near the amount of respect he deserves. He's not great, but he has been the heart and soul of the Aggie defense. The rest of your picks sound great as well. I really hope somehow this can all happen...

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