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    In the midst of folks choking pregnant women, getting tasered, and driving around drunk league-wide, Amobi is getting the team and himself some very positive press.


    Amobi, 20, is no longer the same young, naïve boy. He is a professional football player with the Texans with a $17.6 million contract.

    But the more you speak with him, the more you hear a trace of his Igbo accent. And as soon as Nigeria is mentioned, the passion in his voice seeps out. This week, Amobi and Arinze are returning to Nigeria for the first time and taking with them five NFL players - Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye, Texans running back Ahman Green, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora and Bears defensive tackles Israel Idonije and Tommie Harris. They want to offer hope and a promise to return.

    "The message we want to send is, 'Everybody, hold on to your dreams,' " Amobi said. " 'Hold on to your dreams and keep working hard. You never know what might happen.' "

    Amobi has worked tirelessly with Arinze and their cousin, Okey Chidume, for almost three months to organize this trip, which begins Tuesday when they meet with Nigerian President Umaru Yar'Adua.

    During their seven-day trip, they will outfit a Nigerian national youth soccer team with Nike clothes and equipment. They will give 20 full scholarships to young men and women preparing to attend Nigerian universities. They will fund and oversee the completion of water wells in a village in dire need of clean water. And they will deliver HIV test kits to a number of teaching hospitals to aid in the support of the HIV initiative in Nigeria.
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    Amobiwan is definately a class act. Hard to believe he's the same age as me :texflag:
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    I think thats awesome. When I see something like that from a 20 year old(?), I regain faith in the future. I am so glad The Texans are such a class organization, and don't just grab players that they think will make them money.

    Way To Go Amobi! and all others like you!

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