A few simple steps to fix our D

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    Sounds crazy huh? Well here it is my crazy plan.

    Sign Haynesworth as a FA.

    In the first round draft BJ Raji. I know he probably wont be there at 15 thats ok I have a plan. If he is drafted before us offer that team our first plus Travis Johnson for Raji. If they arent interested in TJ throw in our 3rd which should be adeqaute.

    Trade Travis Johnson if wasnt involved in trade up. Im not as down on him as most but he just doesnt fit so I take any pick 4th or better.

    In the 2nd round draft the best speedy OLB available. Clay Matthews or Clint Sintim or Tyrone McKenzie. One of them should be available.
    In the 3rd round Draft Jarron Gilbert San Jose St DE.
    In the 4th round Draft WR Jarrett Dillard, 5-10, 185, Rice
    In the 5th round draft James Casey Rice TE
    In the 6th round draft Sammie Lee Hill Stillman DT34 DT43
    In the 7th round draft Gartrell Johnson, RB, Colorado State

    Depth Chart Defense

    LDE Amobi Okoye DelJuan Robinson Tim Bulman
    DT BJ Raji Frank Okam
    NT Haynesworth Sammie Lee Hill
    RDE Mario Williams Jarron Gilbert Jesse Nading
    OLB Xavier Adibi Clay Matthews? Kevin Bentley Chaun Thompson
    MLB DeMeco Ryans Kevin Bentley
    LCB Jacques Reeves Fred Bennett David Pittman
    RCB Dunta Robinson DeMarcus Faggins Matterral Richardson
    SS Nick Ferguson Brandon Harrison Dominique Barber
    FS Eugene Wilson Will Demps

    Take the 3/4 NT's responsibilities and the philosophy of the position and apply it in a 4/3 with both DT's. Why not have 2 guys in the middle that can command double teams? This frees up both ends to go 1 on 1 witht Tackles. I believe Okoye could thrive here. This front gives us 4 players capable of getting to the QB allowing Demeco Ryans and 2 speedy OLB's to blitz with off the edge and run down plays, our D would be Texan tough.

    I know CRAZY huh? Well Im not finished yet. Next year In the 1st round My Houston Texans draft Terrance "Mount" Cody DT Alabama. Now thats CRAZY!!:whip::splits::whip:

    Yep evertime I hear that imfamous question "Where's the beef!", I want the automatic response to be "On Houstons Defensive Line!".

    Only 70 days 4 hours 9 minutes and 20 secs to go until the draft. I wish it was tomorrow.
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    How many times....years....are you going to see it before you get it. ? They ain't blowing out the cap for Haynesworth. Or peppers.....or...Suggs. They'll look at guys who are the first guys off the bench and believe they have upside to beat out someone already on our roster. That's who they spend their cap dollars on.

    The only guy you have down to make the projected pick is Sammy Lee Hill. I have no idea who the guy is and I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that he'll be there in the sixth. Gilbert, Casey, and Johnson are all projected to go higher than you have them going. Be a heck of a hall no doubt.

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