A Day of Firsts

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by swtbound07, Nov 26, 2006.

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    Today was a first as a Texan fan for me. Today was the first time i've ever turned a game that my team was playing off in disgust. We were down by multiple scores, with very few minutes left on the clock, and we continued to run screens and slants. To have a qb throw 55 attempts. FIFTY FIVE. and only have 3 of them be over 20 yards is obscenity. Today was the first time i had ZERO faith in the chances of a texans comeback...i mean, it was theoretically possible, but when david carr gift wrapped that INT i knew that we weren't pulling this one out. The texans have now taken my hope away. I predicted 4-12, and now i feel like it will take a miracle for us to get there. We need help, a lot of freaking help.
  2. Wolf

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    May 1, 2004
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    I feel your pain SWT. hard for me to watch too.

    I like David Carr, I want him to succeed.

    I don't understand this offense. I really haven't looked at the TE's closely. Are they staying in and blocking on most passing plays?

    I really don't understand(or paid close enough detail) on all the dumpoffs..

    looking at the end of the game, Kubiak is talking to David during the Timeout and I wish I could read lips. I just wonder why,with 10 seconds left, that we don't throw into the endzone? why to moulds and have him do what he had to do. I wonder what Kubiak said at that time.

    I wonder about Kubiak. (not as in his ability) Something was stated a few weeks ago about Kubiak and his two minute offense and he said that he wasn't going for it, because he wanted to keep the teams confidence going into halftime(can't remember the full quote), but I wonder about our whole offensive scheme and if that is what Kubiak is doing, be protective of the offense, doing short simple routes and trying to build the confidence of the team (being he stated the team's confidence is fragile)

    Carr must be doing something right in Kubiak's eyes or he would get the bench.
  3. Scooter

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    Apr 30, 2004
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    i watched the whole game. shouting and cussing the entire second half, but i watched the whole game. last year i usually didnt make it to half time before turning the game off or drowning my sorrows for the first time since we got the texans. last year i had no hope before the season started and was right to expect the worst. even after today's ugly, ugly ... UGLY game, i've still got hope for this year & next. dunta's back on track. demeco's the DROY and should be in the probowl. AJ drops the easy ones still, but he's having a hell of a season. spencer & mario are going to be our anchors for the next decade. carr looks a LOT better this year (i'll explain in another thread). our TE's are set. we have several pieces in place at key positions on the field to carry this team. i expect atleast a couple more wins this season, and am already giddy about next season's possibilities with these young guys maturing and another strong offseason.

    today was bad, but it's going to get better, i promise.
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    I have to say I watched more of the ATL VS NO game more than our own. It's gotten past the point of depressing. Maybe the Texans will do something the Astros are starting to figure out, and that is spend the money on some FA's that will make a difference rather than replacement players. All you hear is that the organization will do whatever it takes to win, it's time to PROVE IT this year. :hunter: Signed 4yr season tix holder!
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    I wish I could kep taht same optimism, but it is getting really tough.
  6. K.D.

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    May 21, 2006
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    Yo This Game Was Horrible And I Mean Horrible. If I Was Bob Mcnair, I Would Tell The Whole Team Nobody Is Getting Paid Today Because No One Showed Up For Work And Then Give Them A Good Ol Southern Tongue Lashing.

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