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Discussion in 'Mock Draft Talk' started by NFLRoughDraft, Apr 8, 2011.

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    looks like a lot of work to me, thanks for sharing.

    thing about Houston for OLB position is more of a downhill thumper, his change of direction ability dropping in coverage, sideline to sideline is questionable taking him this high. its a bit of a risky projection, I don't know if the Texans are planning to bring him in for a workout? but they would have to all sign off on him & I can't see that, not being close to BPA on anybody's board. I think Brooks Reed would make a more immediate impact in Wade Phillips system & you have him in the 50's so I would hold off addressing OLB here & focus on defensive BPA like a Cameron Jordan or JJ Watt to fill the 5 tech position.

    love me some Jacquizz Rodgers, however he's like a mini- Walter Peyton one of my all time favorite players. I know you can't measure hearts but that more than anything is what measures up to me :heart:
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    My only problem with Houston is he goes against what the Texans traditionally look for from a character standpoint. If they like his skill set enough though they may not care.

    -I hope Arron Williams last until their second pick but i doubt it.

    -No way the Texans select Jaq Rodgers.

    Great effort. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great work!

    If I were cherry picking though, I'd do something like this.

    1. DE Cameron Jordan / J.J. Watt - I really like both of these guys. Not sure which one I'd select but I think the Texans would love either one.

    2. OLB Brooks Reed - I think Reed is going to be a stud pass rushing OLB. If we could get Jordan/Watt and Reed I would be a happy happy happy fan.

    3. CB Curtis Marsh - I really would like to have Acho and was tempted to go OLB two picks in a row. Without the luxury of being able to sign a FA CB and the possibility of Quin moving to FS, I'm choosing Marsh who has a lot of potential and could be a great CB.

    4. OL Lee Ziemba - This was a tough selection. I think Ziemba could be a longterm fixture on the right side of our line. While not necessarily a need right now, we've addressed some defensive needs already and Ziemba is good value in the 4th. Nothing wrong with having a good OL with great depth.

    5. NT Chris Neild - Wade gets a nose tackle that he's going to love. Will alternate with Mitchell and Cody and get increased playing time in the coming years.

    6. ILB Jeremy Beal - Beal will move to ILB depth right now. He's a nonstop hustle player that will do anything it takes to make the play. Demeco, Cushing, Sharpton and Beal provide a solid ILB base.

    7a. S Shiloh Keo - Interesting prospect out of Idaho. Quin may move to safety, I'd like to pick up a FA like Sensabaugh for SS that Wade is familiar with, Nolan has potential to impact this year, and Keo provides solid depth to develop.

    7b. LB Bruce Miller - I didn't see him on the list but could have overlooked him. Miller is a versatile LB that will provide depth at both ILB and OLB.

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