7 Round Mock Draft

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    First off we need to get more draft picks because this is a good deep draft.

    Now hopefully we can trade down to the #4 overall and pick up a 1st rounder next year and this years 2nd rounder.

    Round 1

    First we trade with the Jets to move down and get more picks.

    1 – New York Jets – Reggie Bush
    2 – New Orleans – Mario Williams
    3 – Tennessee Titans – Vince Young
    4 – Houston Texans – D’Brickashaw Ferguson OT/ Virginia
    5 – Green Bay – A.J. Hawk

    Now with the one of our 2nd and 3rd rounders we trade into the bottom of the 1st round with the Giants to get ahead of the Bears at # 25.

    25 – Houston Texans – Leonard Pope TE/ Georgia

    In the 1st round of the draft you take your biggest need and fix it. With Ferguson at Left Tackle, Carr should have more than enough time to get rid of the ball. Pope is a tall target that is a solid blocker and receiver and would be a nice fit into the new offense.

    Round 2

    35 - Houston Texans – Manny Lawson DE/ N.C. State

    With Weaver on the strong side you could use a quick, fast and explosive defensive end that could get around the edge.

    Round 3

    66 – Houston Texans – A.J. Nicholson OLB/ Florida State

    A linebacker who’s stock dropped because of some off the field issues, but a great athlete and a sideline-to-sideline tackler.

    Round 4

    97 – Houston Texans – Cedric Griffin CB/ Texas

    Griffin can add depth and some more speed to the defensive backfield of the Texans, and can also play Safety.

    Round 5

    129 – Houston Texans – Aaron Harris ILB/ Texas

    Probably going to be one of the biggest steals in the draft. Underrated and his stock dropped because he ran a slow 40 time, but a good sideline-to-sideline tackler.

    Round 6

    160 – Houston Texans – Will Montgomery C/ Virginia Tech

    Its time to put some depth into the offensive line and I think he would make a decent NFL back - up.

    Round 7

    192 – Houston Texans - Jon Scifers K/ Missouri State

    Kris Brown had a bad year and I would like to see him gone and bring in a god kicker like Adam Vinateri to mold this kid behind.

    Tell me what you think…:ok:
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    With the Texans potentialy signing putzier there is no need for L Pope. Also I dont like the idea of trading back into the first round and I dont think that the jets will give us that many picks in return for the first pick.
  3. tulexan

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    I don't think we are trading the pick.

    If the Matt Leinart is available at #3, the Titans will pick him over Vince Young. They will most likely pick Jay Cutler over Vince Young too because there are rumors that Norm Chow does not like Vince Young and has experience with both Cutler (Senior Bowl) and Leinart (USC).

    I also don't like that we are trading up to get Leonard Pope. With such a deep draft, I would rather see us use our picks more wisely than to trade up for a TE when the draft is full of good TEs.
  4. TexanFan881

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    If we did those trades the only things I would change would be:

    At #25, if still available, we select Sinorice Moss, to line up opposite AJ.

    At #35 I would select Tye Hill to lineup besides Dunta
  5. dirty steve

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    almost everybody had a bad year for the Texans last year. i would hardly say kicker is worth a 2006 pick.
  6. jjcorvallis

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    Do you think Jets will accept the trade?

    I don't think they would.
  7. MorKnolle

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    The Titans won't take Vince over Leinart, especially with Norm Chow as their OCoordinator.

    I doubt Manny Lawson falls that far, and we wouldn't draft him anyways, he's smaller than Peek and Babin as a DE, he is a perfect fit for a 3-4 OLB.

    Aaron Harris doesn't sound like a good answer for our MLB vacancy, especially if we draft A.J. Nicholson earlier.

    We need to fix up our OLine as you said, but the only thing you have us doing is getting a backup center.

    Drafting a kicker makes no sense whatsoever, if Brown is out we can find one in free agency.

    I would hope we get a better CB than Cedric Griffin, but he wouldn't be bad.

    Pope would be a nice addition, but I wouldn't trade back up to get him. You say with this deep draft we need more picks but we don't end up adding any more, just moving up a couple spots from #33 to #25 and #65 to #35 while losing out on the #1 pick.

    No way Tye Hill lasts until #35, it would be nice if he did though.

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