5 Signs the Draft is Close!!!

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    How You Know The Draft Is Close

    1) Every little signing made is huge news by this point. During March, there were quite a few signings of decent magnitude that fans didn’t notice too much. However, with FA dieing down and no news to keep us occupied, little stories like Jerome Mathis getting signed to Washington or some scrub who might not even make the roster this summer seems to matter to a lot more people than it should. Kind of makes you wish you wouldn’t have taken the bigger signings for granted (or that they wouldn’t of happened all at once)! Either way, you're just looking for something news-worthy to happen that can fill the void of those last few days(negotiations, rumors, trade possibilities, etc).

    2) Mock drafts: everyone’s got one. Even if you’ve never done a mock draft in your life, you now have one out of sheer boredom, no matter if it’s good or bad. And the closer we get to April 26th, the more likely you are to devote more and more time to it. It just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t make it 7 rounds filled with guys who will go un-drafted along with those crazy draft trades that seem to only benefit the Texans. You may not have made your own thread for it, but you know exactly who you want and you think it’s going to be followed by the Texans. It’s become heavily popularized over the years and now you have plenty of people who have become exceedingly critical of them over the years.

    3) Every single player now has a thread of their own. It’s just not official until they have their own thread for everyone to join in the massive debate. Not only that, but it seems a lot of people really pick sides and enjoy to go extreme in one direction or the other (Aqib Talib, Phillip Merling, Reggie Smith, etc). By the time the draft is over, just about every potential prospect has a thread and these threads have the unfortunate possibility of turning into an “I told you so” thread. Either way, it’s still fun to look back after a year or so and say “oh man, did I really say that”?

    4) Oh, you’ve got to love all the little signs that everyone loves to embellish and make bigger than it really is. During this time of the year, an interview or private workout seems to always = getting drafted by that team. Maybe even better than that are the little smokescreens that always seem to take place. Everyone knows that they exist, but we still buy into them even if it’s a little bit because it’s factual information to base our mock drafts/opinions on. The truth is nobody knows what a team will do; not the fans, not the sports commentators, not even the columnists. They may have a better general idea, but part of what makes the draft so appealing is that it’s impossible to guess it completely correct. If we knew what would happen, why would anyone watch?

    5) The last sign that it’s nearing draft time is that there’s a lot more chatter that could be labeled as “ABF” (anything but football). NCAA Final Four, NBA playoffs starting, The Master, baseball starting back up again, even NHL playoffs! Anything that isn’t football related (sorry spring games and arena football). Outside of sports, you’ve got: video games, music, working out, school/work, just anything to make the time to not go by so slowly. No matter what you do though, it still goes by incredibly slowly and never seems to get here. And of course you can’t fall asleep the night before because you’re like a kid before Christmas. Lucky for us, Goddell shaved a maximum of 170 minutes off the first round (including forfeiting the Patriots pick). Sadly though, you know people out there will still complain about the time being too long and teams always going to the last few seconds.

    BOTTOM LINE: Time still moves in seconds, minutes and hours no matter how much you feel April 26th and 27th will never get here. And while we all want to enjoy the day, we really need to enjoy the few days before it because in a matter of days our views and beliefs will be completely changed (for the better mind you). So I guess what I’m trying to say is relax, enjoy this time before one of the greatest weekend spectacles of the year, and get ready for yet another great draft! Oh, I forgot . . . GO TEXANS!!!
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