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    In this scenario we go ahead and trade our 1 and 2 for Philly's two 1s.

    21: DE/OLB Connor Barwin

    Might be a little early on him but in a couple years he could be one of the better defenders out of this draft. He can rush the passer from day 1 on 3rd down and contribute to the DE rotation. He has the ability to play SAM as well though not likely right out of the gate. After a year or two we could have a player that can play either position and be a real match-up nightmare, something that our defense has never had many of.

    28: DT Evander Hood

    He sneaks past the Colts and we get a guy that has similar size to our current tackles but has great strength and a non-stop motor. 36 reps at the combine, this guy could be a poor man's Broderick Bunkley. Gives us someone that can hold his ground but also make some plays with his athleticism. By next year the DT rotation has him and Amobi starting with Cody and Robinson getting most of the other rotational snaps.

    3rd rounder: Take your pick of a safety, Darcel McBath, Rashad Johnson, Patrick Chung, Michael Hamlin

    I won't get into picking a specific player past the first round because it becomes too difficult to project who will be there but 1 or two of these guys could be available. McBath and Johnson could wait behind Eugene Wilson and learn for a year or so while the SS guys, Chung and Hamlin, would likely be thrown into early competition to start. Either way we get a good young safety prospect.

    4: Best available RB: James Davis, Mike Goodson, Glen Coffee, Javon Ringer

    This list could likely be longer but I won't pretend to know how the Texans rate them. Goodson would be a similar type of back to Slaton while the other guys have builds more similar to someone like.... Ahman Green? Hopefully minus the injuries.

    2nd 4th: Best available interior O-line: Antoine Caldwell, Jonathan Luigs, A.Q. Shipley

    Three college centers who could probably backup at multiple positions. Enough upside that they could take over a starting spot in time but I don't think we would need to rush them.

    With what we have accomplished in FA I think these players would really help out with depth and be able to get some early or possibly immediate PT.
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    I don't think we would trade our 1 and 2 for their two 1s....

    Maybe our 15th for their 21st and a second or third rounder.


    I like Barwin, but he is complete projection. If I were going to role the dice on a project, it would not be with the first rounder. i would want a starter or situational starter at the least (3rd down pass rusher, CB playing the nickel, RB getting 12 carries a game, etc). If I were to make the type of gamble you are projecting, it would be with the Georgia Tech kid. He still had 17.5 TFLs and 10 sacks on the season. He needs consistency. You know, some of the same things people were saying about Mario when he came out (takes plays off, sacks came against lower competition, etc).

    I think Ziggy Hood will be a good player in this league for ten years. He seems destined for INDY.

    I love the safeties, would love McBath to drop to the 4th.

    As far as RBs, I like Wells in a trade down in the 1st, Jennings in the 2nd or 3rd, and Brown in the 4th. I like Ringer, but after the 4th.

    I hope Caldwell finds his way on our team in the 4th. I think he could easily go in the 3rd.

    Thanks for the post.

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