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    Mock Draft 2.0
    Round 1
    1. Detriot: OT Jason Smith, Baylor
    2. St. Louis: LB Aaron Curry, Wake Forest
    3. KC: OT Eugene Monroe, Virginia
    4. Seattle: WR Micheal Crabtree, Texas Tech
    5. Cleveland: DE/OLB Brian Orakpo, Texas
    6. Cincy: DT B.J. Raji, BC
    7. Oakland: WR Jeremy Maclin, Missouri
    8. JAX: OT Andre Smtih, Alabama
    9. GB: CB Malcolm Jenkins, OSU
    10. San Fran: OLB Aaron Maybin, Penn State
    11. Buffalo: DE Everette Brown, FSU
    12. Denver: QB Mark Sanchez, USC
    13. Washington: OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss
    14. NO: RB Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
    15. Houston: OLB Clay Matthews, USC
    16. San Diego: ILB Ray Malualaga, USC
    17. NYJ: QB Matthew Stafford, Georgia
    18. Chicago: WR Percy Harvin, Florida
    19. Tampa Bay: ILB James Laurinitis, OSU
    20. Denver: DE Tyson Jackson, LSU
    a. Note: Trade Jay Cutler for the 20th pick a swap of second round picks, and Detroit’s second next year
    21. Philly: RB Chris Beanie Wells, OSU
    22. Minnesota: WR Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina
    23. NE: CB Vontae Davis, Illinois
    24. ATL: OLB Brian Cushing, USC
    25. Miami: CB Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest
    26. Baltimore: WR Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland
    27. Indy: DT Peria Jerry, Ole Miss
    28. PHI: TE Brandon Pettigrew, OSU
    29. NYG: WR Kenny Britt, Rutgers
    30. Tennessee: WR Brian Robiskie, OSU
    31. Arizona: RB Donald Brown, UCONN
    32. PITT: OT Eben Britton, Arizona
    Round 2
    33. Denver: OLB Michael Johnson, Georgia Tech
    34. NE: OLB/DE/TE Connor Barwin, Cincinnati
    35. St. Louis: DE Robert Ayers, Tennessee
    36. Cleveland: CB Darius Butler, UCONN
    37. Seattle: CB D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt
    38. Cincinnati: C Alex Mack, Cal
    39. Jax: DT Ron Brace, BC
    40. Oak: S William Moore, Missouri
    41. GB: OT Jamon Meredith, South Carolina
    42. Buffalo: TE jared Cook, South Carolina
    43. San Fran: S Louis Delmas, Western Michigan
    44. Miami: OLB Larry English, Northern Illinois
    45. NYG: S Patrick Chung, Oregon
    46. Houston: S Rashad Johnson, Alabama
    47. NE: Lesean McCoy, Pitt
    48. Det: DE Paul Kruger, Utah
    49. Chicago: QB Josh Freeman, Kansas
    50. Cleveland: CB Sean Smith, Utah
    51. Dallas: OT Phillip Loadholt, Oklahoma
    52. NYJ: CB Victor Macho Harris, VT
    53. Phi: OG Andy Levitre, Oregon State
    54. Minn: C Max Unger, Oregon
    55. ATL: OT Steven Beatty, UCONN
    56. Miami: CB Captian Munerlyn, South Carolina
    57. Baltimore: DT Evander Hood, Missouri
    58. NE: OLB Clint Sintim, Virginia
    59. Carolina: TE James Casey, Rice
    60. NYG: TE Shawn Nelson, Southern Miss
    61. Indy: WR Derrick Williams, Penn State
    62. Tennessee: DT Fili Moala, USC
    63. Arizona: TE Cornelius Ingram, Florida
    64. Pit: C Eric Wood, Louisville
    Round 3
    65. Detroit: OG Duke Robinson, Oklahoma
    66. St. Louis: WR Brandon Tate, North Carolina
    67. KC: RB Shonn Greeene, Iowa
    68. Seattle: RB Andre Brown, North Carolina State
    69. Dallas: CB Asher Allen, Georgia
    70. Cincinnati: OT Sebastian Vollmer, Houston
    71. Oak: C Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas
    72. Jax: CB Cary Harris, USC
    73. Green Bay: OLB Cody Brown, UCONN
    74. San Fran: CB Jarius Byrd, Oregon
    75. Buffalo: G Tyrone Green, Auburn
    76. NYJ: WR Joaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma
    77. Houston: DE Lawrence Sidbury, Richmond
    78. San Diego: S Chip Vaughn, Wake Forest
    79. Denver: DT Terrance Taylor, Michigan
    80. Washington: DE David Veikune, Hawaii
    81. Tampa Bay: QB/WR Pat White, West Virginia
    82. Detroit: TE Chase Coffman, Missouri
    83. GB: DE Sen’derrick Marks, Auburn
    84. Chicago: DE Michael Bennett, Texas A & M
    85. Phi: WR Louis Murphy, Florida
    86. Minn: G Louis Vasquez, Texas Tech
    87. Miami: WR Ramses Barden, Cal-poly
    88. Baltimore: TE Bear Pascoe, Fresno State
    89. NE: S Kevin Ellison, USC
    90. ATL: DT Jarron Gilbert, San Jose State
    91. NYG: LB Gerald McGrath, Southern Miss
    92. Indy: OLB Nic Harris, Oklahoma
    93. Carolina: DE Brandon Williams, Texas Tech
    94. Tennessee: DE Matthew Shaunnessey, Wisonsin
    95. Arizona: OLB Marcus Freeman, OSU
    96. Pittsburgh: CB Coye Francis, San Jose State
    Round 4
    108: RB Rashad Jennings, Liberty
    118: WR Austin Collie, BYU

    *Some of you have seen this before since I posted it about 10 days ago on Inthebullseye.com or HoustonTexans.com
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    id be more than happy with that haul..

    only thing is all the big backs are gone by our 4th (bar the texas guy)
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    Katy, Texas
    Very nice job . Lot of work went into it. Not banging...& considering the source....Charley Casslery... he says Mora Jr told him at the owners meeting seattle is hot for Criss Wells. Makes no sense with Jones' knee...but that is what he is claiming he told him.

    would love to see sidbury at the seventy nine....what I think will happen is he'll go off the board befor the 79....and we take a C/G....and no disrespect to Joel Dressen or John McClain....I think backing up Owen Daniels production there wouldn't be a bad option either. We lose Daniels there goes twenty % of the offense.

    Rep your way well done.
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    Yeah I thought the same and I had him as a mid 2nd projection for him going into this but for every team between where I had him going and where I finally selected him, I just couldn't find the need or the right fit.

    He didn't seem a right fit for a 3-4, or a team had already selected a DE, or they had a greater need and there was a value at that position. So I was pleasantly surprised by the result but I didn't engineer it that way.

    Thanks for the Rep, btw.

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