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    1. C.J. Spiller RB Clemson 5"11/195/22
    Drafting C.J. will bring us the running back we have always wanted. He can provide speed and power that we need. And can be a every down back. Having the hands of a wide receiver does not hurt either.
    Comparison-Ladainian Tomlinson
    2. Jon Asomoah OG Illinois 6"4/315/21
    Coming out of high school tremendously under-rated, he worked hard and has proved himself to be a quality lineman. Asomoah would fit our ZBS scheme a lot better than Bulaga or Iupati, who both are powerful lineman. Jon has the size and quickness we need to move the ball.
    Comparison-Brian Waters
    3. Kyle Wilson CB Boise State 5"10/186/22
    To have a great defense were going to need balanced DBs. Kyle Wilson provides us with great athleticism and smart coverage. Bringing excellent speed and awareness he would do nothing but help our defense tremendously.
    Comparison-Ty Law
    4. Robert Johnson FS Utah 6"2/197/22
    RJ will be under-rated coming into the draft but drafting him brings us the ball hawk we have always wanted. Showing a lot of skill in his coverage ability he would come in the training camp with a possibility of being a starter.
    Comparison-Antrel Rolle
    5. Linval Joseph DT East Carolina 6"6/322/21
    Linval brings us a big strong nose tackle type. He is what we need to stop the rush at the line and disrupt the ball carrier. Huge size will be his advantage on the line.
    Comparison-Shaun Rogers
    6. Naaman Roosevelt WR Buffalo 6"0/190/22
    Naaman has good speed running a high 4.4, and also has really good hands. Has good route running abilities and the breakaway speed required to be great.
    Comparison-Santonio Holmes
    6. Levi Brown QB Troy 6"3/220/23
    Brown is a tough QB with a very strong arm. With reasonable speed and average coverage reading. He can be a trusted back up.
    Comparison-Jay Cutler
    7. Justin Cole OLB San Jose State 6"3/240/22
    JC has a lot of potential at the next level with great speed and hitting ability. He can provide great special teams play, with good defense play also.
    Comparison-Ben Leber

    Overall this is the ideal draft for the Texans. If the draft went down like this we would have 4 possible starters in C.J.,Kyle,Robert and Asomoah.
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    I like the first 4 picks alot, though I think we'd be very lucky to get Robert Johnson in the 4th round. Johnson is moving up boards and I think he'll probably go in the early 3rd. I don't know anything about the next 4 picks so I'll have to take your word for it. In the 5th or 6th round I'd like to see you pick a SS as depth behind Pollard though. Overall that draft would be great for the Texans.

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