2013 Houston Texans Dream Mock Draft

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    Ok Texans' draft fans and gurus

    Who would you like the Houston Texans to pick round by round
    Please put your GM/draft war room cap on and list your dream mock for the Houston Texans.
    List one or a few UDFA as well and a brief explanation why you went with the player you went with.

    I'll start to give an example:

    Round 1.) - Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia 5'9 170 - Look, we need playmakers, I would not be surprised if Denver or New England already nab Austin but I'm assuming due to his size and abundant of WR depth in the 2013 draft class, Austin will be there at the bottom 1st. He is dynamic (like Harvin) can add a dimension Houston has never seen. He is worth a first round pick. Austin can play slot, can play wide at the 2, he can KR, PR, and play RB on a few carries. The options and play selections are limitless with this guy. We need another playmaker on offense outside of Andre and Foster. Austin is not big but he plays big and is everything we need, just not the big future 1 WR we hoped. Plus he is a homerun threat.


    Round 2.) - Chase Thomas, ILB, Stanford 6'4 245 - We need a young ILB, Thomas is smart, strong, and very instinctive. Does that sound like a guy you know? Exactly. Great size and versatile. James is old, Dobbins needs to stay on ST. Cushing will need help filling the middle after his ACL injury.


    Round 3.) - Morgan Breslin, OLB, USC 6'2 250 - This might be a surprise pick to a few people but look at the numbers. 14 sacks as a freshman, 13 sacks as a sophomore, and 12 this season as a junior. He has been USC best defender this season as a JUCO transfer. We need another hybrid OLB/DE. Dude is big and strong. Looks like a Texan. I like what he shows on tape and Barwin is in a contract year. Barwin might renewal, might not.


    Round 4.) - Ricky Wagner, OT, Wisconsin 6'6 320 - Nothing sexy here. Just a quality OT from OL University. No secret we need a swing tackle. If Wagner drops here which is possible, we have to scoop him up. Comes from a ZBS and fits the scheme like a glove. We like Wisconsin guys. Let the trend continue. Newton has been suspect at times.


    Round 5.) - Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA 6'6 255 - We get a great TE. Joe is big, strong, can block, catch, run. Joe would add a 8great dimension too are offense. Houston has never had a big receiving TE, would help the redzone as well. A player like Joe would open the middle up immensely for Foster, Andre and Austin. Give them so much room to do what they do.


    Round 6.) - Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech 6'6 260 - Has all the intangibles and potential to be a great starting QB. Just needs to be smarter with the ball and make better decisions. Big and strong, plus great on his feet. I think Thomas could do well in Kubiak's offense, that consist of bootlegs and hard playaction fakes. Thomas was once a projected top 10 pick but due too a struggling junior season his stock has plummeted.


    Round 7.) - Marquess Wilson, WR, formerly Washington State - 6'4 185 This pick is just a gamble. I'm a fan of Wilson's. It's unfortunate what went down at WSU and Wilson's draft stock has suffered. A former highly recruited player and projected 1st round pick. Like Vontaze Burfict last year...Wilson will see a great fall. Houston gains from this, Wilson could be what Colston is/was for the New Orleans Saints. Good hands, decent routes, ok speed. Has the ability to be a big time WR. Posey has failed and won't last in my opinion. Walter can't player forever. Jean can't get on the field. We need WRs.


    UDFA 1.) - Rex Burkhead, RB, Nebraska 5'11 210 - nothing stands out about Rex. But He does everything so well. Blocks well, catches well. Has great heart and vision. A hard runner that hits the hole hard and runs with power. Just a good horse to have in the stable with Tate's uncertainty on a contract renewal. Plus Burkhead is from Plano TX.

    UDFA 2.) - B.W. Webb, CB, William&Mary 5'11 180 - Webb has performed very well. Numbers are great, finds the ball, 11 career Ints. We might be in need of a slot CB with McCain possibly leaving for FA. I know we have Harris and Carmichael but who knows with what they can bring due to a small sample size on the field. Regardless would not hurt to bring Webb in and have him compete in camp as a UDFA.

    I selected FOOTBALL GUYS/PLAYERS. Guys that I feel will fit our scheme and locker room very well. I selected quality individuals that I feel will be future leaders on this team.
    I pasted up on a lot of other guys that I liked but I tried to keep it realistic as possible while keeping the Texans high character and ethics/code "the texan way" in my selection process.

    I would like too see other draft enthusiast and gurus participate and see what yall think is best for the Texans as yall post your own Houston Texans' dream mock draft.
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