2011 TEXANS - Year of the back up

Discussion in 'Texans Talk' started by euro-Texan, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Based upon the injuries and the replacement players so far, It seems like we have had unbelievable luck with the back-ups so far this year. With all of the notable NFL talent going down this season, I believe our ability to go next man up and succeed is the major story of the 2011 Texans. This is not consistent with years past when injuries to our starters resulted in losses. Not sure if this is more about our depth, the overall team attitude or our schedule. I would say by far the defensive depth has been most impressive based upon how new everyone is in Wade's system.

    On offense, the injuries have been more noticeable. I can't recall how productive the passing attack was when Walter sat out, but we know we got away from the pass when AJ went down.

    Foster - Tate
    Williams - Reed
    Manning - Demps
    AJ - rest of team
    Casey - Vickers
    Ryans - Sharpton - Ryans
    Schaub - We'll soon find out

    Did I miss anyone?
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    Indeed, think we were all really pleased with our depth across the board during pre-season. It's also great to see that the majority of our draft from the last year is being given the opportunity to develop, most of that depth has a year or two's experience rather than being forced to throw rookies out there, in fact, unlike in other years, we've gone out of our way to sign street FA's to cover injuries instead of throwing our promising youngsters into the fire.
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    I can't think of anyone. Let's all hope that list ends here and now.

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