2007 Senior Bowl

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    For those with an interest, and a Tivo or DVR, remind yourself to record some of the Senior Bowl practices that the NFL Network will be airing for 14 hours beginning on 1/22.

    Rosters haven't been released yet (1/21), but it should be well worth watching to peruse some of the names that have been thrown around in this forum.


    Go Texans!
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    Moreover, if they sell twenty five thousand ducets...we get it again next year. Record it for sure. Buying a ducut would be better. Let see the guys take care of badly burnt childern, from all over the world...at no cost. You get a great game and you help these kids out also. What's wrong with that ?
    Outside of the Salvation Army, the Wounded Warrior Project, they are probably the best charity you can spend you're dollars on. If they have a bin outside the gate, give up one beer and pitch in six dollars. You Itemize, you can add the six dollars in on you charitable deductions in April.

    I was really surprised with all the belly aching about their dome, that San Antonio spit the bit on this game.

    How about a contest ?

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